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Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey wearing a plaid shirt leans in and looks at us with a warm smile as a can of Busch Light beer flies across a surface to land perfectly in his hand. He lifts the beer to give a cheers, raising an eyebrow in an inviting, playful way. Text, "Beer me."Robert Redford Yes GIF by GritTVEpisode 2 Nod GIF by PBSWildlife gif. A seal looks around with its mouth wide open. Text, "Seal of approval."Video gif. A man outdoors, holding a fishing pole,  looks over his shoulder and a smile grows on his face. He then nods in approval. Taraji P Henson Approval GIF by Billboard Music AwardsDigital art gif. A giant yellow fist punches through a pink brick wall. The hand then turns into a thumbs-up with a small smiley face on the thumb. Good job!Movie gif. Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin in Django Unchained raises his eyebrows and smirks as if slightly impressed.  Digital art gif. A cartoon version of Fonzie from Happy Days looks at us blinking with facial features both too small and close together and gives a thumbs up. Text, "Nice."Nodding Approve GIF by FordHulu Approving GIF by The BearCartoon gif. Moff from Harvey Beaks. A four-legged purple moth with a mustache and goggles holds up a piece of paper with a large red A plus in his gloved hands. His expression changed from shock to a smile as he turns to the camera and gives an excited thumbs up.Video gif. A man wearing a very realistic Boxer dog face mask and a blue robe claps enthusiastically.Joe Biden Snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveChicago Fire Thumbs Up GIF by One ChicagoMovie gif. Pedro Pascal as Javi in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent puts his closed fist to his flat palm and nods.Happy Tonight Show GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonComputer Reaction GIF by GitHubHappy Robert Redford GIF by doodlesThumb Up Ok GIFSexy Good For You GIF by BounceReality TV gif. Heidi Klum as a judge on America's Got Talent. She raises her arms above her head and shouts, "Yes!"Social Media Cbc GIF by Run The BurbsWell Done Thumbs Up GIF by Alexander IRLThe Hunger Games Thumbs Up GIF by Capitol Couture
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