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Pizza Party
"Millions of Good Paying Jobs" -Jennifer Granholm

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Illustrated gif. Smiling sheet of matzah sways with its arms held up on a blue background. Hearts and Stars of David float around bouncy text that reads, "Happy Passover."Digital art gif. Animation of a tear-off daily calendar, with its pages being torn off again and again. Each page reads "One day at a time," all against a bright teal background.Digital art gif. White script text reads "Autistic and proud" around a giant yellow infinity sign, all against a purple background.Jewish People GIF by INTO ACTIONNews Facebook GIF by INTO ACTIONRead Open Book GIF by INTO ACTIONDigital art gif. In groovy, rainbow-colored and pink letters, text reads, "You are not alone," against a black background.Mental Health GIF by mtvVideo gif. Closeup of a man standing in front of a sky blue background as he covers his mouth with both hands and giggles while shifting his eyes around sheepishly. Text, "Hee, hee, hee, hee."Digital art gif. Pink and green oval shape, inside of which are bubble letters that read "Say no to plastic" above an illustration of a circle with a slash through it over rotating cartoons of plastic silverware, a plastic water bottle, and a plastic bag, everything against a light blue background.Reset Slow Down GIF by INTO ACTIONDigital art gif. Below a flashing rainbow infinity sign, text reads, "Celebrate neurodiversity," all against a black background.Girl Woman GIF by INTO ACTIONGreat News Wow GIF by Hello AllDigital art gif. Large sticker lifts one edge and puts it back down on an orange background; the sticker shows an image of a river with several islands against a rising sun with the text "Protect more rivers."Digital art gif. Inside a shield insignia is a cartoon image of a steep canyon in orange and yellow. Text above the shield reads, "protect." Text inside a ribbon overlaid over the shield reads, "Grand Canyon National Park," all against a pale pink backdrop.Happy Birthday GIF by Hello AllClimate Change Energy GIF by Creative CourageTax The Rich President Biden GIF by Creative CourageIndependence Day Celebration GIF by Creative CourageI Love You GIF by Hello AllSenate Race Election GIF by Creative CourageNorth Carolina Vote GIF by Creative CourageVoting Stick It GIF by INTO ACTIONMtv Aa GIF by INTO ACTION
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