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Movie gif. A young boy wearing a cocked baseball cap brings his hands under his chin and curls them up in delight, smiling the whole way.Celebrity gif. Steve Harvey yelling, "Aw, hell naw!" with his full face, brow furrowed and mouth wide, showing his full set of impeccable teeth.Movie gif. Flopsy and Mopsy in Peter Rabbit rest their heads on each other and smile as they say, "Aww."Disappointed How I Met Your Mother GIF by LaffTV gif. Meowth from the Pokemon cartoon pops upwards with paws held to his face. He has just seen something so cute that his eyes grew three times larger and is crying waterfall amounts of tears. He says, “Awwwwwwwwwww”Disney gif. Bashful, a long, gray bearded dwarf with a green cap looks up with large eyes. His pale turns bright red as he lowers his gaze and turns his head, placing a finger to his mouth and making a shy innocent grin.Anime gif. Showing only her face, an infatuated girl with green watering eyes says, “Awww.”Cartoon gif. Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic says, "Aw, shucks, that's super nice of you," while shyly shrugging their shoulders and looking away.Movie gif. Woody from Toy Story grins sheepishly as he glances away bashfully.TV gif. Conan O'Brien cups his face with his hands, smiling and dancing excitedly in his seat.Anime gif. In a kitchen, a girl with long black hair and a white rabbit with a flower on its head rock back and forth excitedly. Text, "Awww!"Anime gif. Sailors Moon and Mars from Sailor Moon beam with stars in their eyes as their hands rest gently on their cheeks. Text, "Aww."Celebrity gif. Rihanna, wearing a billow-sleeved black dress, smiles and covers her face with her hands like she's slightly embarrassed.Video gif. A woman holds her hands up to her face and smiles as if to say, “Awwww.”TV gif. Jason Segel as Marshall on How I Met Your Mother kneels behind a chair, embracing a pillow. He looks up with a goofy smile, completely enamored with what he’s looking at. He hides half of his face behind the pillow and looks up with loving eyes.Anime gif. Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon looks at something with sparkly eyes and a wide smile as if she’s looking at the cutest thing ever. She says, “Awwww!”Video gif. A bearded young man tilts his head back in a sappy, over-the-top reaction to something sweet. Text: A drawn-out "Aww!"Disney gif. Merida hops excitedly, holding up her fists and smiling as her red curly hair bounces.SNL gif. Bill Hader as Stefon fans himself with his hands. Text, a drawn-out "Aww."Disney gif. A shy Aladdin rubs his neck and says, “Awww!”TV gif. Leighton Meester as Blair on Gossip Girl. She sees something that makes her squeal in excitement and she scrunches her nose and brings her hands up to her face.Movie gif. Kristen Stewart covers her mouth in a cute surprise. Text, "Awww."TV gif. Aron Stevens smiles and catches his breath, looking in the same direction as the other wrestler in the WWE ring, who wipes the sides of his mouth smiling proudly. Text, "Awwww!"TV gif. Jensen Ackles, as Dean in Supernatural gives a sheepish grin. Text, “Aw yeah.”Celebrity gif. Jeremy Renner has his arms up on a table and his head resting in both his hands. He lovingly stares with a big smile on his face, swooning.
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