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raising arizona babies GIFVideo gif. Footage of a baby in a striped onesie, walking awkwardly with their hands behind their back. They shift their weight into a cheerful and much more coordinated dancing GIF by Carolina HurricanesVideo gif. Toddler in a bikini jumps off a low deck toward her brother, who attempts to catch her but falls backward into the sand in an adorable fail.Video gif. A baby looks at something and laughs in delight before getting immensely shocked at the rapid change of scene. They continue to stare intently while waving their arms in fear while looking entirely baffled.Video gif. A baby inside of a watermelon resting on an armchair.Video gif. A dad holds a diaper-wearing baby by its neck and bottom and hustles it across the floor. Its legs move quickly trying to keep up.Video gif. Baby sits in a high chair with a messy bib around its neck. A hand moves a spoon of food towards the baby, who shakes with excitement as the spoon goes into its mouth.Video gif. A baby sits in a high chair and abruptly raises his fists straight up in the air with a scrunched up face.Video gif. A little girl peeks out of an orange tube slide and waves before disappearing down the slide backwards and belly down with her hands in the air. Video gif. A dog sitting in a stroller, being pushed by a baby.Cartoon gif. Aggravated Tommy from Rugrats says to Phil and Chucky with rage, “A baby’s gotta do, what a baby’s gotta do.”Video gif. A baby can't figure out how to take the spoon out of their mouth, reaching for and missing it with both hands.Video gif. A computer rendering of a baby in diapers silly dancing and playing the air guitar.Video gif. A baby's blank facial expression cracks into a deeply confused smile.Video gif. A bearded man with a baby's pacifier in his mouth stares at us with a flat expression on his face while he sucks his binky.Video gif. Adorable toddler jumps down a couple of steps and stumbles toward us before giving us the middle finger.Video gif. A baby is holding a spoon in its mouth and they're trying to reach for it but failing, not understanding how the spoon is staying upright in its mouth. They've just discovered their lip muscles.Video gif. Adorable baby puts a phone to her ear and begins to chat and gesture dramatically, mimicking her mother.Video gif. Baby's face contorts the very moment baby food enters his mouth. He grimaces in utter disgust, almost as if he's betrayed by being fed with something like that.Video gif. Toddler tries to climb the ladder of a play structure as a litter of puppies clamber all over him, licking his face.Video gif. Blonde baby looks at us, blank-faced, flashes the devil horns, and then goes back to whatever he was doing.Celebrity gif. Joel McHale holds his baby son in his arms and then nonchalantly passes the child over to the woman next to him, holding the baby upside down by its one leg.amused baby GIFhome video what GIF
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