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Baby Pours Plate of Pasta Straight Onto Her Face
Panda is Baby | We Baby Bears
Baby with Down Syndrome Loves Yogurt Melts

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Video gif. In a living room, a baby spins wildly around in a sit-and-stand plaything. Celebrity gif. Musician Toby Keith turns toward us, holding a baby that is wearing sunglasses. He points at the baby and raises his eyebrows, saying, “Baby.”Video gif. A smiling baby jerks as if scared and its eyes grow wide as it stares in shock. Cartoon gif. Baby Tarzan smiles and squirms while laying on a blue blanket with his arms outstretched.Video gif. A little girl peeks out of an orange tube slide and waves before disappearing down the slide backwards and belly down with her hands in the air. The Simpsons gif. Maggie Simpson sucks hard on her binky with big, wide eyes. She’s dressed in a onesie that makes her look like a big starfish. Video gif. A child presses his face and hands up to a glass door, licking the glass while swiping his mouth left and right in a Z formation.Video gif. An interested baby with a surprised look brings their hand to their chin. Text, “O RLY?”Video gif. A cute, dimpled baby with a bow on her head smiles at us and winks.Video gif. Baby in a high chair slams its hand on the eating tray alongside a stray Cheerio, propelling the Cheerio directly into its mouth and catching it perfectly in its lips.Video gif. A baby lies on her stomach with her neck stretched out as a small pug nibbles on her fingers.Cartoon gif. Baby Herman in Who Framed Roger Rabbit throws a fit in a playpen.Illustrated gif. Father is carrying a baby in a baby carrier on his chest. The baby waves its arm upwards and a rainbow appears. Text in the rainbow reads, "Good morning."TV gif. Young Michelle Tanner on Full House does an over exaggerated kiss on her hand and then sends it off to someone she loves with a wave of her hand. She has a big smile on her face and her eyes sparkle as she sends off her kiss. Cartoon gif. Aggravated Tommy from Rugrats says to Phil and Chucky with rage, “A baby’s gotta do, what a baby’s gotta do.”Video gif. Little toddler is wearing a dress and she has her hands out as she declares, "I want my money!"Video gif. A baby can't figure out how to take the spoon out of their mouth, reaching for and missing it with both hands.Video gif. A baby's blank facial expression cracks into a deeply confused smile.Video gif. A baby wearing nothing but a diaper grabs the edge of a desk and pulls itself upward using just its arms. A baby doing a pull-up!AFV gif. A toddler stands behind a clapping, seated baby, pushing them along a slippery tile floor.Video gif. A bearded man with a baby's pacifier in his mouth stares at us with a flat expression on his face while he sucks his binky.Video gif. A baby inside of a watermelon resting on an GIFbaby eating GIFVideo gif. A tiny baby sits propped up on a couch, then sneezes and topples over.
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