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TV gif. Elisha Cuthbert as Alex in Happy Endings scrunches up her tear-stained face and says, "It's so beautiful."Movie gif. In front of a row of townhouses on a sunny day, Jim Carrey as Bruce in Bruce Almighty spreads his arms and smiles at the sky to say: Text, "B-e-a-utiful."Movie gif. Bugs Bunny from Space Jam smiles with his mouth gaping open and red hearts pulsing in his eyes. Clusters of red hearts burst in the air around him.Cartoon gif. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time has stars in his eyes. He says, “It’s so beautiful!”Video gif. An extreme close-up of a man's face shows him slowly removing his black sunglasses in awe.Text gif. Words rapidly changing as colorful text says, "you're cute, lovely, dazzling, stunning, wonderful, pretty, lovely, fascinating, cute."Video gif. Gerbert puppet brings his hand to his heart and then spreads his arm wide while saying, "beautiful," which appears as text, and the pink background explodes with a soft sparkly effect.Illustrated gif. A green skinned cartoon girl with billowing curly pink hair winks at us with a starry spark and smooching lips that release a heart. Text, in Spanish, "¡Guapa!"TV gif. Phil Rosenthal on Conan O' Brien holds his hand up and points to one finger while looking at Conan and saying, "Instagram is for beautiful things."Video gif. A closeup of a woman's perfectly groomed brow and lashes. The phrases "Yass", "Perf", "on point", "gorgeous" appear next to her beautiful face. Ad gif. A woman with curly hair pulls at a curl before fluffing her hair again. Theyre Beautiful Episode 1 GIF by PBSAd gif. Lizzo is dressed up in blue lingerie and she closes her eyes and touches her head with both hands, sexily modeling her set for the Savage x Fenty show.Video gif. A closeup on Iskamella Wennekes as she runs a hand through her hair and smiles at us.Tv Show Fun GIF by Happy PlaceIts Beautiful Love GIF by Wuz GoodLucy Liu Model GIFSeason 1 GIF by SHOWTIMECelebrity gif. Rihanna shyly leans against a wall and smiles flirtatiously as she looks at us.TV gif. A little girl in a beautiful pageant gown spreads her arms on stage in a delicate gesture. Celebrity gif. Ashley Graham pushes back her long hair and breaks into a wide smile, shoulders hunching forward with laughter. Bold block letters across the screen read, "Beautiful."Movie gif. Benicio del Toro as The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy knocks his fists together and then spreads them open, like an explosion. Text, "Beautiful beyond compare."Digital art gif. A figure smiles with eyes closed, head bobbing back and forth. A phone on a stand rests in front of them with a YouTube icon below. Text, "You are beautiful."SNL gif. Chris Farley is dragged in drag and he sexily combs through his long blonde hair with his hands.Pretty GIF
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