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Happy Birthday!
It's upsetting me and my homegirl
Place we have a good time
What're We Going to Do?

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Movie gif. Anna Kendrick as Beca from Pitch Perfect steps back and throws her arms up as she says, "Boom!" Brittany Snow as Chloe stands to the side with a look of shock on her face.Nikki Bella Love GIF by E!whoop there it is rebel wilson GIF by Pitch PerfectVisualize Nikki Bella GIF by E!get a life bumper GIF by Pitch PerfectNikki Bella Relationship GIF by E!Nikki Bella Family GIF by E!Nikki Bella Omg GIF by E!bellas GIFNikki Bella Totalbellas GIF by E!daniel bryan bella twins GIF by E!Celebrate Nikki Bella GIF by E!bellas GIFtotal bellas cash GIF by E!Movie gif. Hailee Steinfeld as Emily in Pitch Perfect. She dances, waving an imaginary lasso in the air as she rolls her hips in unison and excitement.hailee steinfeld fun GIF by Pitch PerfectTotal Divas GIF by E!nikki bella no GIF by E!Nikki Bella Sisters GIF by E!Total Divas GIF by E!Nikki Bella Hat GIF by E!Nikki Bella Dancing GIF by E!Nikki Bella Kiss GIF by E!barden bellas GIF by Pitch PerfectTwinning Nikki Bella GIF by E!
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