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bitch better have my money video GIF by VevoMuppets gif. Kermit the frog closes his mouth tightly in frustration, his whole face creasing, as he turns and glares. try me GIFWhy You Always Lying Yeah Right GIFTV gif. Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch files his nails with a nail file, looking bored to death.Welcome To The Oc Bitch GIFTV gif. Judge Judy closes her eyes and sighs, face palming into her hand as if she has just heard the dumbest thing ever.Sam The Eagle Muppets GIFBitch Slap Slapping GIFPolitics gif. Barack Obama with his head turned to the side, looking blank but serious and blinking his eyes.Sherlock Bye Bitch GIFbasic GIFMr Bean Move GIFFreddie Mercury Flirting GIFAnimated GIFbritney spears GIF by iHeartRadioThe Misfits Slap GIFReality TV gif. Kim Kardashian on Kourtney & Kim Take New York looks down at her phone and then looks up, saying, "Like I'm so annoyed," which appears as text.Jennifer Aniston Surprise GIFReality TV gif. Big Ang on Mob Wives sips from a glass and she purses her big red lips in disgust. She gags a little.angry resting bitch face GIFCelebrity gif. We see Rihanna in an armchair during an interview, wearing a light blue coat and large hoop earrings. Looking straight at us, she rubs her fingers and thumbs together as if to say "let's talk money."Celebrity gif. Musician Rihanna rolls her eyes and looks away in annoyance while seated in a crowd. Sassy Swag GIFSNL gif. Angry Drake clenches his teeth and shakes his head, looking annoyed.
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