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National Football League GIF by NFLSNL gif. Black and white. Kenan Thompson, wearing a pageboy hat and old-timey clothes, yells, "Boo!!!"SpongeBob gif. Patrick shouts "booo" and gives a thumbs down at Mr. Krabs, who appears indifferent.Movie gif. An ancient woman from the movie Princess Bride wears medieval peasant clothing beneath her long gray hair and bug eyes as she walks towards us yelling, "Boo! Boo!"Ad gif. A young man stands in a public restroom pumping a thumbs down and cupping a hand beside his mouth as he shouts, "Boo!" Logo in the corner reads Philips Norelco One Blade.Celebrity gif. Kevin Hart stands on the sidelines of a football field with a mic in his hand. He turns to the crowd and raises his fist up, mockingly yelling, “Booooooo!!!!”TV gif. Seth Meyers as host of Late Night sits at his desk and wiggles around in his desk chair, looking around, mocking the audience. He shouts out, “Booooo!” Reality TV gif. Christina Aguilera as a judge on The Voice sits in a red high backed chair. She holds both of her arms out and gives two thumbs down as she mouths the text below, "Booo!"Halloween Horror GIF by Aya MurataMovie gif. A scene from the movie Half Baked. A man stands with a disgruntled looking crowd sitting behind him. He points angrily as if offended at someone, saying., “Boo this man! Boo!” He then grabs the hat off of his head and chucks it. The crowd behind him starts to get up and follow his protest.Illustration gif. Small ghost with a smiley face, gets closer to us and waves his arms around as he yells out happily, “Boo!”I Love You Monster GIF by Sappy SealsTV gif. Jimmy Fallon and his guest cup their hands up to their mouths and yell, “Boooooooo!”Penguin No GIF by Pudgy PenguinsTV gif. Jim Parsons as Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory sits in his spot on the couch. He pinches his nose and sticks his tongue out in disapproval, giving a big thumbs down.Late Night gif. Aaron Paul sits in a theater with others, looking peeved while frowning, shaking his head, and scratching his mouth before shouting "booooo, bitch."Movie gif. An ancient woman in The Princess Bride looks menacingly ahead as she yells the words that crawl across the gif with unending O's. Text, "Boooooooooo".TV gif. Jimmy Fallon and his guest lift up their hands to their mouths and say, “BOOOOOOOOO!”Sports gif. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce give us thumbs down while blowing raspberries at us.Celebrity gif. Wearing a dark blue suit with a light blue tie, Paul F. Tompkins recoils in disgust, then gives a playful thumbs-down.Movie gif. A scene from Half Baked. In an auditorium full of seated people, a standing man in a backward beige cap points at us as he speaks. Text, "Boo this man!" The man pulls off his hat and throws it, stirring the crowd to throw more things. Scrolling text, "Boo."The Simpsons gif. Hans Moleman in a theater seat yells, "I was saying boo-urns!" implying he's booing Mr. Burns on stage. Jack O Lantern Boo GIFTV gif. Audience members of Maury boo and jeer, giving thumbs down. Banner text reads, "I have a sex secret... I cheated with 25 men!"Illustrated gif. A ghost floating on a pink background giving a thumbs-down and saying "boo."
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