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Bye Bye!
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Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend
Folding | Season 20 Ep. 16 | FAMILY GUY

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Season 2 Goodbye GIF by Nanalan'Peace Out Snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveCelebrity gif. Adele stares at us as she stands in front of a glowing Christmas tree. She kisses her hand and then waves at us as she says, “Bye.”Video gif. A person dressed to look like a green alien sits in a bathtub and smiles before pulling the shower curtain closed. Text, "K, bye."Celebrity gif. Cardi B looks away in disgust from the camera, holding her hand out to signal to stop, and then waving her hand to signal to leave. The text says, “Bye. Bye. Byeeeeee.” The text moves with her waving hand, flipping back and forth and then the last "Bye" growing in length as her disgust grows. Video gif. Woman slides away as if she's being wiped away off screen. Text is a long drawn out, "Bye."TV gif. Seth Meyers at his desk on Late Night with Seth Meyers raises his eyebrows and waves a hand energetically at us, mouthing the words that appear as text below, "Okay Goodbye."Video gif. A little girl peeks out of an orange tube slide and waves before disappearing down the slide backwards and belly down with her hands in the air. Celebrity gif. With a bittersweet look, Jake Gyllenhaal touches his fingers to his lips, closes his hand into a fist, and walks away, disappearing into a room full of smoke.Movie gif. Will Ferrell as Buddy from Elf waves a cheerful goodbye as he ascends on Santa's sleigh. Text, "Bye."TV gif. Denzel Washington, in a theater clip from the 2014 Tony Awards, cuts off a man in a suit with glasses who is speaking to him on the other side of an open door by casually slamming the door in the man's face without looking up.Embarrassed Exit Strategy GIFReality TV gif. Nene Leakes on Real Housewives of Atlanta has large sunglasses that take up half her face. She makes a peace sign with her hands, and says, “Bye.” with an unamused expression.TV gif. Honey Boo Boo tilts her head and flutters her eyes as she looks to the side. She smiles smugly and waves her hand. Text, "Bye."Photo gif. A fluffy orange kitten has been edited to seem like it is waving its little paw goodbye. The words "Buh Bye!" are written in pink font.Wildlife gif. A young seal makes a straight-mouthed awkward face and slides out of frame to escape the cringe. Reality TV gif. In a confessional, Nene Leakes from Real Housewives waves to the camera and sassily says, "Bye!" which appears as text, shutting her eyes and pursing her lips.Anime gif. Pikachu from Pokemon gives us a sad, meek wave. Text, "Goodbye."Wave Hello GIF by Sesame StreetSee You Later Goodbye GIF by Holler StudiosCelebrity gif. Dressed in a white robe, Marilyn Monroe leans on her elbow on a window sill and waves with her other hand high in the air, smiling. Text, "Bye bitch!"TV gif. Diana-Maria Riva as Adela in Gordita Chronicles blows a big kiss while running bases on a field.Video gif. Two small blonde girls appear to be driving a small car down a street at Disney World, and the passenger pushes the driver out of the car and takes the wheel.Celebrity gif. Kirsten Dunst stares us down while scrunching her hand and bidding us farewell, sarcastically saying, "Buh Bye."Meme gif. Powers Boothe as Curly Bill in Tombstone with his head cocked, glancing up, and saying "well... bye."
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