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Well? We're Waiting
Gopher | Season 20 Ep. 4 | FAMILY GUY

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Happy Dance GIF by Rodney DangerfieldCaddy Shack Golf GIFbored waiting GIFbill enjoy GIFBill Murray Dalai Llama GIFbill murray GIFReaction Eye Roll GIF by Rodney Dangerfieldtee off harold ramis GIFBill Murray Film GIF by Hollywood SuiteRodney Dangerfield Dancing GIF by Hollywood Suitegopher dancing GIFrodney dangerfield dancing GIF by RETRO-FIENDCaddy Shack Golf GIFHey Everybody Golf GIF by Rodney Dangerfieldchevy chase GIFcaddyshack GIFMovie gif. Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, an elderly white man in a loud plaid suit, dances obnoxiously to a live band among elegant partygoers. He dips and sways his hips, snapping his fingers erratically and making cartoonish facial expressions. gopher dancing GIFBill Murray Quote GIF by Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Timebill murray comedy GIFgopher dancing GIFchevy chase GIFbill murray GIFhappy harold ramis GIFexcited rodney dangerfield GIF
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