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That’s suspicious, that’s weird
cardi b omg what is that
Biggest In The World
I'm a Libra

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Cardi B Dancing GIF by Music ChoiceI Gotchu Cardi B GIF by Music ChoiceCardi B GIF by OffsetLeopard Print Megan GIF by Cardi BServe Cardi B GIF by Apple MusicCardi B Money GIF by HustlersAmerican What GIFFriday Night Twerk GIF by Rubi RoseCardi B No GIFCardi B Hello GIFcardi GIFCelebrity gif. Cardi B taking a video selfie in a car while making a duck face and stroking her hair with long pink nails.Cardi B Dancing GIF by LizzoCardi B What GIFCelebrity gif. Rapper Cardi B on the Tonight Show side eyes Jimmy Fallon who is off screen. She nods her head as she says, “okurrr," and then purses her lips together as if holding in a laugh.cardi b dancing GIF by Music ChoiceMillennialInDebt run get out cardi b cardi GIFcardi b GIF by REVOLT TVCardi B GIF by Audacycardi b what GIF by ReebokCardi B Yes GIF by VH1cardi b what GIF by Reebokcheetah cardi GIFcardi b GIF by Fashion Novacardi b GIF by DJ Khaled
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