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Video gif. A tabby cat looking into and reaching up toward a fisheye camera, as its face presses up to the lens.TV gif. Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch files his nails with a nail file, looking bored to death.Video gif. A cat shaking its head.Video gif. A chubby gray and white cat, dressed in circular glasses and a fun bow tie, sits at a table and looks at a laptop screen. He leans into the computer screen as he angrily hisses at it, not liking what he has just read. Video gif. Tuxedo Cat sits in a chair and looks around with four burning cigarettes in its mouth.Video gif. A black cat with white paws busily types at a laptop.Video gif. A small cat or kitten, lies in someone's lap with her eyes closed. She reaches out in a stretch before covering her eyes with her paws. Video gif. A cat with a human mouth stands by its food bowl. The human mouth mimics the exaggerated yowling of a hungry cat. Video gif. A white cat bobs its head to the beat, jamming to some music.Video gif. Sitting cat turns head sharply toward the camera with ears perked and eyes wide. Image quickly zooms into the cat's face.Video gif. A fluffy white cat lays on its back and rapidly kneads with its front paws.Video gif. A cat scoots around fast on the carpet with its head stuck in a flip-flop.Video gif. Cat hops into a shallow cardboard box at the top of stairs, then rides down the GIFVideo gif. Gray and white cat with its mouth wide open as if in shock.Whats Up Cat GIF by Memes GIFsCute Cat GIF by MOODMANDigital art gif. Black and white tuxedo cat appears to be driving a car, looking in the rearview mirror while cop cars follow.Video gif. A gray tabby cat quickly puts on a pair of round sunglasses and looks up. Text, "I'm ready."Video gif. A cat is trying to eat their kibble but a chicken approaches and attempts to eat alongside it. The cat begins to pound on the chicken's head with its paw but the chicken, undeterred, jumps up to the ledge where the cat is sitting and both stare at one another.Movie gif. Cat leaps impossibly vertically off a carpet and out of frame, before landing on and scratching at a woman’s face who tries to get it off, try me GIFVideo gif. We zoom in on a stunned tabby cat, staring at us in dramatic shock.happy cat GIFCat Mustache GIF
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