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Wembley Erupts in Cheers as England Wins Euros
Lets Go Nuggets!
Oh No She Didn't

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The Office gif. With a bandaged hand and a fire extinguisher under his arm, Rainn Wilson as Dwight jumps, punches the air, and cheers excitedly while the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees idly mill around the parking lot.The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin pops up from her seat and starts violently fist pumping the air and yelling out in immense excitement.TV. A audience stands up from their seats and start cheering. Most people clap, some people pump their firsts, and some of them are screaming in excitement. Screaming Ice Hockey GIF by NHLTV gif. A crowd of Peanuts characters applause and cheers in You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown.Friends gif. Dressed up as a cheerleader, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel holds up her pom poms and jumps in excitement.Happy Lets Go GIF by NHLCartoon gif. The Minions are sitting together in an audience and they are going wild with excitement. They all cheer in their seats, standing on the chairs, jumping, and clapping their hands with glee.Season 4 Applause GIF by The OfficeDespicable Me gif. A huge crowd of minions cheers enthusiastically, dancing together, jumping up and down, raising their arms, as a spot light pans over them. Excited Teen Titans Go GIF by Cartoon Network EMEARooting You Can Do It GIF by takadabearStar Wars Cheering GIFCruz Azul Cheer GIF by Club AmericaHappy GIF by Hey DuggeeSports gif. A man stands up from bleachers at a crowded sports game. He beats his chest and balls up his fist. He looks super hyped up and yells, “lets goooo.”Anime gif. Group of nine Pokémon, with Pikachu in the middle, jump up in celebration with large smiles.TV gif. Erika Alexander as Maxine in Living Single steps back with her arms up and her mouth gaping open in shock.Happy Well Done GIF by Strawberry ShortcakeReality TV gif. A Rapper on The Rap Game jumps around excitedly, waving his hands in the air. He smiles widely and looks around with wide eyes.Excited Oakland Raiders GIF by Las Vegas RaidersIndianapolis Colts Football GIF by NFL80S Cheering GIFVideo gif. A woman in glasses clenches her teeth and claps forcefully, then pumps her fists and says, "Yes!"the simpsons applause GIF
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