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Sponsored gif. We zoom in on Gerald Downey seated in side profile in a red and black plaid shirt, holding a can of Busch Light beer on the table in front of him. He looks at us with a furrowed brow and confused expression as a single question mark appears next to him.Video game gif. A spin on the "Math Lady" meme: A closeup of a rattled-looking Diego from Far Cry 6 as math equations fly around them.TV gif. Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia closes his eyes as he rubs his temples before one eye pops open.Video gif. A woman pulls on Nick Young's arm, trying to hold his hand. Nick looks at her with confusion, but is trying to be polite. The camera zooms on his face and turns to look stare into the camera with a big confused grin on his face. Question marks appear around his head.Confusion Reaction GIFVideo gif. A closeup of a puzzled-looking man with a beard, who holds a hand to his forehead and looks around.Amy Poehler What GIFSchitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David in a salon, pointing to a product bottle appearing uncomfortable and turning back around as he says, "What just happened?"Wildlife gif. Wide-eyed owl stares at us and tilts its head to the side. Text, "Wut?!"Sports gif. Josh Hart on the New Orleans Pelicans stands on the basketball court during a game, pointing at something with a look of complete surprise or confusion.  Steve Brule Confusion GIFConfused Episode 5 GIF by One ChicagoPeanut Butter No GIF by JifSports gif. PJ Tucker stands on the sidelines of a Bucks game. He looks at the court, squinting his eyes in confusion, and tilts his head side to side as he tries to figure out what’s happening.Confused Confusion GIFVideo gif. A boy gazes at us, then looks around in bewilderment and finally shrugs at us with a puzzled look on his face.Art Pokemon GIF by ArielgifTV gif. John C Reilly as Steve Brule looking lost and confused, glancing in all directions, on the show Check it Out! Confused Hawaii GIF by IONvivien leigh confusion GIFVideo gif. A fluffy husky puppy cocks his head to the side in an expression of playful confusion while blue question marks emanate from his head. Oh My God Omg GIF by FaZe ClanConfusion Reaction GIFconfused confusion GIF by Sleep On Itconfused april ryan GIF
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