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I Just Realized That Everybody's Crazy
Are computers taking over?

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Photo gif. A taxidermy fox is dressed in a strait-jacket and sitting on a chair. The photo has been edited to make them look as if they're shaking back and forth, imitating a person who's gone mad.TV gif. Seth Meyers as host of Late Night tilts his head down skeptically and does the cuckoo sign, twirling his finger in circles around his ear.Celebrity gif. Willem DaFoe sitting in a car, with confused eyes and a huge, unnerving grin.Celebrity gif. Steve Harvey points into the crowd and then holds up one hand as if to say, "Stop," before saying, "Oh, you crazy!"Reality TV gif. Zoe Ball on Big Family Cooking Showdown yelling and pulling her hair up like she's threatening to pull it out.Reality TV gif. Mary Fitzgerald from Selling Sunset smiles widely and giggles, raising her cup up, and says “cheers to crazy.” Cartoon gif. Donald Duck bobs his head, pupils swirling and expanding in a wild expression. Puffs of steam and small white birds shoot out of the side of his head.Wake Up Wow GIF by Offline Granny!Muppets gif. Kermit the Frog flails around erratically, shaking his head with a wide open mouth and his long frog arms slop around.Movie gif. Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in Joker turns toward us with disdain and says, "It's enough to make anyone crazy."The Simpsons gif. Homer stands in front of a graffitied wall. He waves his hands in the air and shakes his head erratically like he is trying to scare someone away.Cartoon gif. Yakko Warner from Animaniacs (1993) rolls his eyes around, hangs his tongue out, and spins a finger next to his head to make the "cuckoo" gesture.Cartoon gif. A goose that looks a little rough around the edges rolls its eyes around in its head as it rocks back and forth over an empty sky. Family Guy gif. Stewie sits in the corner of his crib rocking back and forth. His hair is all frazzled, huge bags under his eyes and a far away stare that is full of fear.Wildlife gif. An ostrich runs around in circles going super fast and then slowing down like it made itself dizzy. Glitchy text on the bottom says, “I'm going crazy”Celebrity gif. Nick Jonas looks at us in disbelief and rolls his finger in a circle near his temple as if to insinuate "crazy." As he does this, a zigzagging yellow circle appears around him, emphasizing the crazy.Reality TV gif. Bethenny Frankel on the Real Housewives of New York points to her head with wide eyes as she speaks emphatically, saying, "She's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."Movie gif. Jim Carrey dressed as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber yells with an overly exaggerated expression on his face. Text, "That's insane"Video gif. A zooming close-up of a chihuahua with alert ears and bulging eyes, looking shocked as the video coloring turns to red.Movie gif. Wearing a blue jumpsuit and leaning against the edge of a metal table, Nicolas Cage seems to be growling at us while a chaotic scene unfolds in the background.Video gif. A woman rolls her eyes and tilts her head. She spins her fingers nonsensically to the side of her head.SNL gif. Kristen Wiig at a fancy party stands in front of a man and holds a red cloth in front of her face and every time she pulls it down she has a different funny expression on her face.The Simpsons gif. Homer gleefully leaps and bounds over green hills. Video gif. An older woman wearing a leather jacket with platinum blonde hair tries to scare us by yelling and flailing her arms. In the background is a slide that runs through the mouth of an ornamental cartoon devil head.Digital art gif. A dairy cow floats on a giant piece of pepperoni pizza through space as ice cream cones, cheese and glasses of milk stream endlessly past her.
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