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Delightful Dog Rocks the 'Cone of Shame' for Easter
Too Cute!
Adorable Monk Seal Burrows Head in Sand on Kauai Beach
Husky Has Adorable Reaction to Butterfly Landing on Her Nose

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Wildlife gif. We see a closeup of a small duck staring up at us. It jumps towards us, poking us with its bill, then stumbles backwards and kicks at the air as it falls onto its back.Video gif. A small white dog with big ears makes literal puppy dog eyes at us, and seems to be pleading with us as it holds up its paws.Video gif. A fluffy cat stretches out on his back on a big bed in front of a toasty fireplace and gently flicks his tail in contentment. Video gif. A puppy jumps onto a woman’s chest and flops down, looking up at the woman with the biggest, cutest puppy eyes. Dog Show GIF by guardianAww Lion GIFDog Aww GIFVideo gif. A golden retriever puppy is laying upside-down on a dog bed, its legs splayed to and fro and its tongue hanging happily out of its mouth. Its human tickles and moves its arms to make it look like the puppy is "raising the roof."Sleep Chick GIFdancing cuteness furball madebystarcough GIFVideo gif. A tiny gray and white kitten plays, popping in and out of a sweatshirt pocket with wide blue eyes.Video gif. Cat lying down looks up at us and winks.Video gif. Adorable baby puts a phone to her ear and begins to chat and gesture dramatically, mimicking her mother.Rain Cuteness GIFDog Kitten GIF by MOODMANAww Puppies GIFVideo gif. Toddler tries to climb the ladder of a play structure as a litter of puppies clamber all over him, licking his face.Fun Sliding In GIFadorable cuteness GIFNothing Kittens GIFHomer Today GIFDance Moving GIFVideo gif. Beagle is sitting on the end of a treadmill and has one paw on the moving track. They gently paw at it while yawning and there's no way they're actually getting on. Text, "Exercise is good for health."Attack Puppies GIFKenan Thompson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
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