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SNL gif. Kenan Thompson is dressed up in a nerdy suit with a bow tie and big square glasses on his face. He looks genuinely shocked and says “Oh Snap!”--emphasis on the “oh."Joe Dirt GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Omar Epps, in character, spins around and snaps his fingers, wincing as if he just blew it.Damn It Bounty Hunter GIF by DefyTVCelebrity gif. Willow Smith looks over at someone and winces sympathetically in reaction to someone speaking.Disappointment No GIF by Disney ChannelNervous Episode 4 GIF by America's Got TalentCookie Monster Oh Snap GIF by Sesame StreetOh No Wtf GIF by Saturday Night LiveVideo gif. Gray and white cat with its mouth wide open as if in shock.Noah Centineo Shoot GIF by BuzzFeedDamn It GIF by Big BrotherStressed Season 1 GIF by BET PlusOh No Wtf GIF by Saturday Night LiveDisappointed How I Met Your Mother GIF by LaffJulia Schulman GIFTV gif. Hunter Schafer as Jules in Euphoria looks in shock as she turns to Zendaya as Rue who frowns and says, "Damn."Celebrity gif. Basketball player Larry Nance Jr. reacts to something shocking with wide eyes and jumps back, putting a hang over his mouth. Text, “Dang!”Sad Washington Nationals GIF by MLBDamn It Philadelphia Eagles GIF by NFLfrustrated houston texans GIF by NFLStressed Season 1 GIF by BET PlusTV gif. Will Forte as Phil on The Last Man on Earth. He holds a lantern up in a dark room and stares at something in shock and he says, "Ooohhh farts."GIF by MLBDaaaang GIF by MOODMAN
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