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Illustrated gif. A large, jittery text that says, “Fri-yay”. Each letter is a different color of peach, pink, red, and blues. A red jagged frame dances around the text.Guess Tv Show GIF by Happy PlaceDay Valentine GIFFamily Guy gif. Peter Griffin frowns as he tries to type with long press-on nails.Text gif. Large black text on a green background bobs as a white hump runs along the bottom of the screen. Text, "Hump day."Video gif. In a mundane office, a woman sits at her desk looking at her computer screen with an amazed expression. A large camel stands behind her. The girl says, “It’s hump day!" And the camel yells, “wooooo woooo!”Wacky Wednesday Smile GIF by Yeremia AdiciptaDigital art gif. Neon hearts grow in rainbow colors and sizes as they radiate from a black background. Day Sunshine GIFText gif. The word, "Monday," has flat faces drawn in all the letters, indicating our displeasure at its arrival.Hump Day GIFText gif. Pastel swirls glitch against a black background. Text, "hello tuesday."Happy Barack Obama GIFAll Day GIF by PelotonIllustrated gif. A Small day to day calendar with a face on it. The Pupils shimmer and there’s a happy smile on their face. Written on the calendar is, “Friday.”Mothers Day Car GIFVideo gif. We look down at a piece of paper with hand-drawn green and blue script that reads, "Happy Monday." A person outside our view draws a green heart to the side.Bernie Mac Day GIFSummer Solstice Dog GIFbikini GIFRebecca Black Day GIFsponge bob day GIFDay Leg GIFDay Wow GIF by Big BrotherSerious Oh My God GIF
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