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Text gif. Purple-and-blue gradient background with wavy bubbly pink and yellow text that reads "Happy Friday." A guy dancing stands in for the letter I.Digital art gif. Animation of a blue book with the title "Let teachers teach," that opens up to a page that says, "Let students learn," in all-caps font, everything against a yellow background.Text gif. "Shalom," in colorful letters, a waving hand in place of the O, on a pale yellow background.Digital art gif. Two hands swing in, clinking glass steins together under a message in stylized folk calligraphy. Text, "Cheers to good health and happiness."Sarcastic Bad News GIF by Hello AllBreathe Mental Health GIF by Hello AllBreast Cancer Health GIF by INTO ACTIONCool Off Climate Change GIF by INTO ACTIONFood Bank Lunch GIF by All BetterIllustrated gif. Four diverse people stand in a circle, hugging each other. One has green hair, one wears a yamaka, one wears a hijab, and the last is purple and really tall. Text, "We all deserve to be insured."We Did It Unity GIF by Hello AllPrescription Drugs Health GIF by All BetterDigital art gif. Pink brain rips itself from a cord thats plastered to its surface and it finally smiles, relieved. Text, "Take an hour to disconnect and decompress."Aging Happy Birthday GIF by All BetterI Love You Energy GIF by INTO ACTIONBruce Lee gif. Bruce Lee, shortless and in a martial arts dojo, slowly moves his outstretched arms up and down in front of himself, undulating his hands as he stares into our souls. Trippy text that moves with his hands reads, "Empty your mind."Digital art gif. An image of a distressed snowman melting sits beneath the words, "It's okay. We all melt down."Aging Happy Birthday GIF by All BetterI Love Reading Public School GIF by INTO ACTIONBack To School GIF by All BetterBeach Day Summer GIF by Hello AllIllustrated gif. Two smiling glasses of red wine on a cerulean blue background clinking together, a message in puffy bubble letters appearing above. Text, "L'chaim."New Year Dragon GIF by All BetterVideo gif. An alarm is going of and a man's hand hits the alarm heavily, hitting and hitting until it falls down, broken. Text, "Good morning!"Seinfeld gif. Jason Alexander as George Constanza in Seinfeld, in his underwear, leans back seductively on a chaise, wearing a chain with the Hebrew character for "l'chaim," big golden letters appear above reading, "Birthday boy."
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