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Doggy Dresses Itself up as Dinosaur
I Wuv You You Wuv Me

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Cartoon gif. DinoSally marches in place with a happy expression, sticking her tongue in and out. Text, "Happy Thursday."I Love You Monster GIF by Sappy SealsCartoon gif. Dinosally seems to be shouting cheerfully as she waves hello. Text, "Hello."See Ya Goodbye GIF by DINOSALLYFast Food GIF by jjjjjohnIllustrated gif. A dancing yellow dinosaur dressed in exercise clothes turns back and forth, dancing. Confetti streams down in the background and the text above them reads, "Happy Birthday!"Excited Happy Tears GIF by DINOSALLYHappy Friends GIF by DINOSALLYdinosaur GIFMay Happy Birthday GIF by DINOSALLYCartoon gif. Blambi the little yellow dinosaur in DinoSally wears a soccer jersey with the number 7 on it and a sweatband on her head. She balances on top of a soccer ball, bopping her hips from side to side and doing a quick spin move against a neon green and black background decorated with twirling stars. Text reads, "Go team!'Happy Climate Change GIF by DINOSALLYFathers Day Love GIF by DINOSALLYCartoon gif. Blambi the little yellow dinosaur in DinoSally is all tucked into bed with a sleeping cap on. She wakes up and tosses her arms out, giving a grumpy expression like she was just rudely awakened. Text, "Happy Monday."Cartoon gif. DinoSally does an excited bouncy sway from side to side as colorful shapes appear and disappear next to her. Text, "Happy Wednesday."Cartoon gif. A sketched, pink dinosaur pops its black mouth open wide like its surprised. Its stick figure hands cover its mouth as a rainbow appears above. Text, "Good."Fast Food Eating GIF by jjjjjohnHappy Summer Solstice GIF by DINOSALLYCartoon gif. DinoSally and her blue dino friend Pako sway side to side happily, kicking their legs out in a coordinated dance. Text, "Happy Saturday."Dont You Dare No Way GIF by DINOSALLYHappy Feed Me GIF by DINOSALLYJurassic World Fallen Kingdom Dino GIF by Jurassic WorldDinosaur Dino GIF by IKEAUKHappy Greetings GIF by DINOSALLYCartoon gif. Blambi, the little yellow dinosaur in DinoSally, twirls on one foot and blows kisses against a pink background, sending hearts out each time. Text, "Happy Friday."
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