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"Oh My God, No!"
Historical, Unbelievable, Amazing
Can you believe it?

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Eyeroll Disbelief GIF by Jack SjogrenKermit The Frog No GIF by Muppet WikiReality TV gif. Mike from Jersey Shore sees something totally shocking and he whips his sunglasses off as his jaw drops in disbelief.Season 9 What GIF by The OfficeMeme gif. The "blinking white guy" meme: a closeup of a man blinking with downplayed surprise.Priyanka Chopra Disbelief GIF by Sony PicturesKenan Thompson Reaction GIFMovie gif. Jack Nicholson as Melvin in As Good As It Gets raises his sunglasses and then rubs his eyes with his gloved hand, looking annoyed.Snl Wow GIF by Saturday Night Liveshocked disbelief GIFSlam Dunk Wow GIF by NBAIs This For Real Good Burger GIFThe Office What GIFConfused Andy Richter GIFDisbelief What GIFKevin Abstract What GIF by BROCKHAMPTONNo Way Disbelief GIFTV gif.  In a scene from Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Krysten Ritter as Chloe gives us the mother of all eye rolls and lets her head droop.Liar Disbelief GIFExcuse Me Politics GIFno way wow GIFNo Way Disbelief GIFTV gif. Dule Hill as Burton and James Roday Rodriguez as Shawn in Psych stand next to each other in a mansion looking taken aback, eyes closed and frowning as they say back and forth, "What?" "What?" "What?"Movie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.Dua Lipa Disbelief GIF by BRIT Awards
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