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Dive, DIVE!
The Man Dives
Taylor Swift Dives Into Hole on Stage
I'm Going Home

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Video gif. Woman stands at the edge of a stony bank making a half-hearted attempt at a dive, bellyflopping into the water.dive belly flop GIFJumping In GIF by America's Funniest Home Videosdive fail GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosDiscovery Dive GIF by Shark WeekPool Dunk GIF by WEEDIQUETTEChinese Swimming GIF by CW Kung FuJump Swimming GIF by Adult SwimPool Party Swimming GIF by Timeflieslana del rey GIFMeme Fail GIFFlying See Ya GIF by Arrow VideoMonday Dive GIF by Red BullPool Party Swimming GIF by BuzzferkchurntVideo gif. Man puts on goggles and proceeds to front flip off a diving board into a pool full of money as it splashes out around him.Love Island Swimming GIF by PeacockTVdive GIFJump Flying GIF by Adult SwimSport Win GIF by FIA World Rally ChampionshipIm Out GIF by Halodive GIFkian lawley swimming GIFUnder Water Art GIF by Justindive GIFDoc Savage Dive GIF by Warner Archive
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