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Happy Birthday, Girl!

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Disney gif. Snow White claps and sways as if listening to music.The Office gif. Ellie Kemper as Erin pops up from her seat and starts violently fist pumping the air and yelling out in immense excitement.Video gif. Black and white gif of 2 boys in elaborate colonial costumes dancing with their backsides together. They lean forward as they sway side to side.Video gif. Three people, a man, a woman and another man, wearing hats and blowing kazoos, dance around happily, celebrating a birthday or another jubilant occasion.Drunk Party GIF by MiguelSander Van Doorn Yes GIF by Ultra Music FestivalText gif. Flashing neon orange, teal, and yellow text against a small-square grid reads "Fun."The Office gif. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott sits and Rainn Wilson as Dwight stands as they both bob and "raise the roof" with their arms.The Lord Of The Rings Diversion GIF by MauditCartoon gif. A chubby baby chicken has a hula skirt on and moves his hips back and forth while wiggling his wings in the air. He has rosy cheeks and a happy, satisfied look on his face.Music video gif. Dressed as a bellhop in the video for "Holidae Inn," Snoop Dogg grooves and slinks his shoulders in crowded hallway.Digital art gif. Photos of three cats have been edited and manipulated to appear as if they're dancing in a nightclub. One cat is manning a DJ station while the other two get down to the music. There are flashing rainbow club lights on the ceiling and the floor.gangnam style dance GIF by PusheenTV gif. A happy pig holds two pinwheels out the window of a moving car.Turn Up Dancing GIF by VH1SpongeBob gif. Against the usual flower-patterned blue background, a cheerful SpongeBob and Plankton somersault across the screen from opposite sides. Text in the center of the screen reads: "Fun."Video gif. A black and white cat in a backward baseball cap spins a record on turntables and throws its paws in the air. Video gif. A bulldog with goggles rides a personal watercraft in front of its driver, but their positioning makes it look like the bulldog is steering with human arms.Simpsons gif. Homer is dancing in his robe and he does dual finger guns, pointing left and right and back again.Despicable Me gif. A minion dancing disco on a light-up dance floor.Cartoon gif. A sweet little squirrel, dressed in blue overalls, sits laughing uproariously in a large red armchair.Happy Fun GIF by Foster FarmsMusic video gif. From the video for "Party", Beyonce wears a fluffy yellow jacket and cat ears while she does a swaying dance with a woman in a sequined maroon outfit.Happy Hour Fun GIF by DreamWorks Animationfun nickelodeon GIF
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