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SpongeBob gif. With a satisfied smile on his face and his eyes closed, Spongebob wipes his hands together in front of him, dust proofing from between his palms. Obviously a job well done.Video gif. A man turns to the camera and smiles at us with satisfaction. He wipes his hands clean of whatever task he's happily finished with. Rainbow flashing text, all caps: "All done!" Reality TV gif. A talking head of Jasmine from Bachelor in Paradise signaling cut and pin with her hands, proclaiming "Done. Done."Movie gif. Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove looks at us and says, "Mission accomplished," with a satisfied look on his face.Sale Working GIFTV gif. Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve rests her head back as she sighs with a tear-stained face and says, "I don't want to do this anymore."Video gif. A young man bends over with his hands on his knees before falling in a limp heap on the ground. Text, 100% done.TV gif. Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty holds his hands out to help explain what he’s saying. He draws a checkpoint in the air with his finger and says, “Check”TV gif. White script scrolls across the red ringed Looney Tunes closing credit background. Text, "That's all folks!"Video gif. A person dances around, moving their arms up over their head and moving them side to side in celebration. Text, “OMG yes I've finally finished!”Meryl Streep GIF by PeacockMusic video gif. Ariana Grande stands in a kitchen and slaps powder off her hands as if her job is done. Movie gif. Julie Andrews as Mary in Mary Poppins smiles as she holds a carpetbag and her umbrella. The umbrella lifts her up and carries her through the air away. Text, "So done."Cartoon gif. Truman from Fairfax crosses his arms confidently and closes his eyes as he says, "My work here is done," which appears as text.TV gif. Rex Linn as Kevin on Better Call Saul taps his fist on a conference table as he says, "Done. Finito," to the people sitting at the other end.TV gif. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott from The Office. He's giving an interview and he has the ghost of a smile on his lips as he says, "I'm dead inside."TV gif. Danny DeVito as Frank in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia leans out of a window, smiling and saying "I think our work here is done."Celebrity gif. Joanne the Scammer disdainfully walks away from a kitchen cabinet, then brushes hair from their eyes. Text, Let's move on to something that really matters.Sports gif. Urban Meyer walks down the sideline and falls facedown to the ground among other coaches and players watching the field with anticipation.Mad Kyle GIF by South ParkTV gif. In Lovecraft Country, a young boy throws a book on a table at the library in frustration and storms off.TV gif. Scruffy, a fluffy puppet dog wearing a tiny cowboy hat and bandana, in "Happy Place" sits on top of an easy chair in a bright orange cartoonish room. One eye appears to be bulging which gives him a stressed-out appearance. Text, "Looks like we made it to the end of the day!'Celebrity gif. Seohyun, performing on stage, makes a pushing-away gesture with her hands and turns her head to the side. Text, "#done."Video gif. An overwhelmed woman buries her head inside a laundry basket, lifting her hands in surrender.Cartoon gif. Hank Hill on King of the Hill holds a water hose that looks like a gun up to his head. He then pulls the trigger and sprays his head with water.
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