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I understand that.
Jewish values are American values.
First Jewish spouse celebrating Hanukkah.
Thank you, Doug!

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Nicksplat Handshake GIF by NickRewindNicksplat Doug GIF by NickRewinddoug GIF by NickSplatangry doug GIF by NickSplatdoug looking around GIF by NickSplatdoug GIF by NickSplatdoug GIF by NickSplatjamie chung awkward hug GIF by HULUdoug GIF by NickSplatNicksplat Doug GIF by NickRewindCartoon gif. Doug Funnie from Doug writes in a journal and becomes furious, his face cartoonishly stretching and glowing red hot as his now oversized teeth grind together. He snaps his pencil in half.Nervous Nicksplat GIF by NickRewindnicksplat doug GIFnicksplat doug GIFnicksplat doug GIFdoug skeeter GIFdoug confession GIFdoug crying GIF by NickSplatnicksplat doug GIFnicksplat doug GIFnicksplat doug GIFnicksplat doug GIFDouble Cheeseburger Nicksplat GIF by NickRewindTV gif. Cartoon Doug stands on a diving board as he takes off his shirt. His stomach balloons as he prepares for a dive. zach galifianakis the hangover movie GIF
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