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Celebrity gif. Popstar Drake stares at his smartphone and shakes his head in disbelief. He can't believe what he’s looking at and can only react to it by saying, “wow.”Music video gif. In a party scene from video for French Montana's "No Shopping," Drake dances, wincing and sticking out his tongue while gesturing like he's turning the wheel of a car.Video gif. Actor and rapper Drake screams "Let's go!" in a crowd of people and photographers.Canadian Nba GIF by StoryfulMusic video gif. From Hotline Bling, Drake rolls and sways, dancing to himself.sing one second GIF by MigosChris Brown Wow GIF by MOODMANCry Later Canadian GIF by Republic RecordsAmerican Music Awards Drake GIF by AMAsDrake No Shopping GIF by French MontanaDrake No Shopping GIF by French MontanaDance Dancing GIF by Playboy FragrancesApple Drake GIF by Mashabledrake GIFLets Go Drake GIF by NBAEmoji Lol GIF by Music Choiceaubrey graham drake GIF by ComplexMusic Video Drake GIFdrake GIF by iHeartRadioHotline Bling Pizza GIFhot chocolate drake GIF by Dan BlaushildCanadian Wink GIFaubrey graham drake GIF by Complexaubrey graham drake GIF by ComplexSerious Drake GIF
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