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Video gif. A drunk man attempts to sit on a barstool but stumbles, falling head-first onto the floor.Celebrity gif. Amy Schumer holding a ginormous glass of wine that's bigger than her head. She closes her eyes and holds the glass in two hands as she begins to chug the wine. She drinks sloppily, letting the wine run down her face and shirt, as she drinks in rapture.Video gif. A drunk man with droopy eyelids and lips flared open leans toward us as lights flash and a DJ plays in the background.Drunk That 70S Show GIF by PeacockSNL gif. A toddler carries a beer bottle in each hand as she walks away from an open fridge, then topples over.Video gif. A shaky camera takes footage of a man in a blazer and sunglasses as he speaks into a phone. He appears to be drunk: he's carrying a plastic blue cup in one hand as he stumbles backwards, and when he falls over, he spills its contents.Video gif. A woman standing in a public bathroom has a toilet lid around her neck. She swings it around her neck like a hula hoop and drunkenly stumbles backwards.Celebrity gif. Denzel Washington slowly turns around with a flirty, but creepy smirk on his face.Video gif. Surveillance footage inside a convenience store shows a man carrying a six-pack walking and then falling over sloppily onto his back, apparently drunk.Parks and Recreation gif. In a crowded bar with a sign that reads "snakehole lounge", Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson does a drunken dance with his eyes closed while a small black hat sits off-kilter on his head.Video gif. A blonde woman acting drunk with her mouth open and tongue out, trying to reach for a green straw.Video gif. A woman in a tube top and a lei staggers down a hallway before slamming into a door and toppling over on the floor.TV gif. Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy stands at a countertop with a display of cough syrups behind her, tipping a bottle to her lips and guzzling its contents.TV gif. A drunken Jaime Pressly as Joy in My Name is Earl tries to grab her straw with her mouth, missing it entirely.Parks and Recreation gif. Adam Scott as Ben leans forward and covers the side of his mouth as he slurs out the side of his mouth. Text, "I'm drunk!"TV gif. Wearing sunglasses and a beehive hairdo, Zach Galifianakis in Tim and Eric carries several martinis at once, which spill over as he walks along a beach. Text, "C'mon Guys! Vodka beach party!"Music video gif. Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island, dressed as a mid-00s rapper in oversized sunglasses and a crooked cap, crouched amongst women's legs, hands wide throwing battle gestures, raps at us "Who wanna do a shot?"Video gif. Girl shotguns a beer can, but the top hole is open and leaking out beer. She spits the beer out, leans over, and then falls onto the ground.TV gif. Actor William H Macy as Frank of Shameless stands up from bed, teeters groggily, then falls to the floor with a look of terrified surprise on his unshaven face. Movie Gif. Bruce Paul Barbour as the Beach Bum in Weekend at Bernie’s wears sunglasses and has a cigarette in his mouth as he sleeps in a beach lounge chair. He has a string around his wrist and someone pulls at it to wave his hand limply around.TV gif. John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job looks at us with a face stained and dripping with red wine. He slurs his words as he says, “Sweet berry wine!”Drunk Season 2 GIF by Law & OrderTV gif. Conan O'Brien holds a can of beer up and pours it into his open mouth, but most of the contents spill over down his face and clothes.Drunk Miller Time GIF by Jonas MosessonSNL gif. Bobby Moynihan as Drunk Uncle sits at the Weekend Update desk with a drink in his hand. He looks around disoriented like he’s had too much to drink and now the alcohol has made him paranoid. He slowly scoots himself in his chair away from the desk to get himself out of the situation.
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