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Wildlife gif. We see a closeup of a small duck staring up at us. It jumps towards us, poking us with its bill, then stumbles backwards and kicks at the air as it falls onto its back.Dance Love GIF by KennysgifsExcited School GIFEmoji Laughing GIF by MOODMANDuck Swim Fins GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. A large white duck does the running man dance while a group of grey pigeons wave their wings up around him, cheering him on.Donald Duck GIFFree Money GIF by Christian Baumgartnerduck GIFduck yawn GIFSeason 3 Nbc GIF by ManifestTV gif. Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty throws his head back and groans, looking annoyed. His arms are loose at his sides and his head is bent, looking like he's over the entire situation. Cute GIFduck fail GIFWater Bird GIFexcited duck GIFAttack Biting GIFPizza Duck GIFVideo gif. Duckling is falling asleep on a table. Their head slowly bends over and once it touches the table, the duck raises its head back up again, shaking in an attempt to wake up.Duck Slide GIFVideo gif. A fuzzy yellow duckling shakes its head. In all caps, the text reads, β€œNO.”Emoji Laughing GIF by MOODMANduck agrees GIFduck swimming GIFduck GIF
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