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Now I'm Dead serious?
I'm Dying Inside
Slowly Dying

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Reality TV gif. In a scene from RuPaul's Drag Race, we see Sharon Needles lying facedown on a tile floor in leopard print leggings and red high heels. Other than a weak kick, they don't move.TV gif. Kevin James as Doug Heffernan in King of Queens stands on a floor cushion in workout clothes. He drops to his knees and face plants into the cushion like he's completely exhausted.ferris buellers day off ugh GIFSad Morgan Freeman GIF by LaffElaine Benes Fainting GIF by HULUVideo gif. A woman in a bright yellow skirt suit clutches her chest and falls to the ground dramatically. Girl, you good?Die Parks And Recreation GIFAparna Nancherla No GIF by bublydying music video GIF by Lady GagaMonsters Inc Fainting GIF by Disney PixarTonight Show gif. Elmo from Sesame Street wobbles a bit before fainting.Screaming Dying Inside GIFMovie Reaction GIFCartoon gif. With hearts on either side of her head, a chattering skeleton with a feminine hairstyle holds a cup of coffee in one hand and a smartphone in the other. Text, "OMG, I'm like literally dead."Awkward Fuck My Life GIFSchool Of Rock Oops GIF by NickelodeonDying Mindy Kaling GIF by HULUDying Amazon GIF by CatastropheI Give Up GIF by First We Feastdying GIFOver It Eye Roll GIF by Girls on HBOflu dying GIFSad Ice Cream GIF by Michael ShillingburgReality TV gif. Sofia Vergara on America's Got Talent laughs as she leans to the side and rests her face on her forearms.Movie gif. A scene from Down with Love where the receptionist goes light headed and faints. Her eyes lose focus and she topples backwards in her office chair, and we see the bottoms of her yellow heels popping into the air.
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