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Emotional - Hrithik Roshan K3G - Audio Clip
Crying - Hrithik Roshan - Audio Clip
You're Gonna Make Me Cry

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Reality TV gif. An overwhelmed and teary-eyed Nicole Franzel from Big Brother fans herself with her hands.Celebrity gif. Will Smith at The Academy awards stands on stage. His eyes are red with tears and he wipes his nose, trying not to cry any harder. Jason Sudeikis Snl GIFScreen Actors Guild Yes GIF by SAG AwardsSad Season 17 GIF by America's Got TalentSeason 2 Reaction GIF by Law & OrderJennifer Coolidge GIF by HBOTV gif. Seo In Guk as Han-Joon in the Korean drama, Café Minamdang. He is sobbing openly on a train, his entire face warped with pain, and his mouth hangs open. He is clearly in agony as he puts a hand to the window, trying to stabilize himself.Movie gif. Matthew McConaughey as Cooper in Interstellar grits his teeth as he fights back tears, but he can’t stop his sobbing. He covers his mouth in anguish.Angry Man GIF by Sealed With A GIFVideo gif. A man with tears streaming down his face looking off, putting his hand on top of his head.Video gif. Vasyl Lomachenko covers his face with his hands, squeezing his eyes with his fingers as he begins to sob.TV gif. Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria looks down with hunched shoulders, sobbing and wiping away tears from her face as she looks towards us with a grateful expression. Text, "Thank you."Schitt’s Creek gif. Dan Levy as David and Emily Hampshire as Stevie both cry as they embrace warmly. The Office Emocio GIFNbc Yes GIF by Ninja WarriorSeason 1 Sigh GIF by PBSGIF by New GirlFeelings Im Gonna Cry GIF by The Roku ChannelTears Crying GIFMeme gif. A crying face of Michael Jordan is edited on top of a young man who is wearing a white jumpsuit and he slowly slides down a wall, sitting splayed out and given up.Emo Reaction GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy from Anchorman has a crying, flailing breakdown in a "glass case of emotion", otherwise known as a phone booth.Reba Mcentire Television GIF by The VoiceSad Ice Cream GIF by MOODMAN
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