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Photo gif. Slideshow of different flowers like orange roses, purple flowers, red roses, and more.Video gif. Man looks up and points as us threateningly as he says, “Les roux ont une ame!”Photo gif. Stars twinkle in a night sky above a dark landscape while shadows circle the moon, cycling through all its phases.Movie gif. Julia Roberts as Vivian in Pretty Woman fumbles with opera glasses before Richard Gere as Edward adjusts them for her in a balcony at a theater.Video gif. A cat made out of Ascii code, which is random letters, numbers, and dots, dances side to side.Digital art gif. Man walks with a cane down a path surrounded by red flowers, headed towards a sunset horizon. Digital stars sparkle on the image, and text reads, in Spanish, "Tus fuerzas no serán las mismas pero mi amor por ti, cada dia es más grande. Te amo Papa. Dios te bendiga. Feliz dia del Padre."Video gif. A biohazard sign is on a computer screen and virus bits float around it. The virus has also been realized in real life as some parts of it sit on the laptop physically.Video gif. A sweeping view of waterfalls cascade water down steep drops, lush greenery peeking through at the top and bottom.Video gif. Plane falls from a cloudy sky and bursts into flames in a field beside a road.Video gif. A man in a medieval helmet and chainmail angrily says, “Silence manente ou tu va prendre une cla-claque!”Ad gif. Antivirus ad features a laptop flashing a biohazard sign as glowing and strobing virus particles spew from the screen.en antivirus GIFen combate GIFMovie gif. Mads Mikkelsen as
 Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. He sits at a poker table and plays with his chips in his hand as the other hand is on his temple and he stares unblinkingly at Bond, who is across from him.Video gif. We look up at a dog wearing goggles and looking tough as it holds the handles of a jet ski while a wake sprays up behind it.Digital art gif. Two frogs cheerfully play instruments as a third in a yellow hat sings. Anime gif. Broly from Dragon Ball Super. Broly is lit up with power, clenching his fists as he goes super saiyan. Illustrated gif. Krishna wears glowing jewels as he sits in lotus pose with one arm holding a chain and four flaming lanterns surrounding him.bircasino super gol bet en GIFTV gif. Sofia Vergara as Gloria on Modern Family looks at us with an angry expression and says, “But I am Latin.”halloween en GIFVideo gif. Pablo Escobar puts a hand through his hair and walks toward us as two of his men lean against the hood of a car, watching.Wildlife gif. A male superb bird of paradise jumps in a semi-circle around a female in a courtship ritual., his black and light blue feathers extended in an oval shape around his head.Illustrated gif. Snow falls and blankets a hilly landscape and trees. A dog reads a sign with California Cities and each city is over five thousand miles away from where the sign is. Text, “Neva en Manzaneda.”Dance Halloween GIF by Caleb Calloway
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