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Video gif. An annoyed woman blinks impatiently, looking bored.Justin Timberlake What GIFPhoto gif. Photo of a small brown dog that looks like it's frowning, animated so its head is shaking side to side in disapproval. Text, "really?"TV gif. Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek turns toward us slightly as he raises an eyebrow. SNL gif. Cardi B looks off screen with wide eyes, making an uncomfortable smile like she's embarrassed for you.Celebrity gif. Tom Hanks staring at us with squinted eyes, in disbelief at what's being told to him. He says, "Really?" Celebrity gif. Gary Payton spins his head around with wide eyes as if in shock.Celebrity gif. Rapper Desiigner looks at us with a deadpan expression, and tilts his head disappointedly. Text, “really?” but spelt R L Y.John C Reilly Seriously GIFVideo gif. Comedian Ko Joy stands on stage in front of a microphone and gestures with his right hand. Text, "Seriously... Stop."Celebrity gif. Kimora Lee Simmons tilts her head in judgment as she scowls ahead. Movie gif. Vince Vaughn as Jeremy in "Wedding Crashers" wearing a salmon-colored polo and rose-colored glasses, stands with his arms crossed and raises his eyebrows in casual surprise.Celebrity gif. Big Sean reads on his phone, then looks at us with a straight face.Gordon Ramsay Facepalm GIF by MasterchefCelebrity gif. James Franco looks at someone and out of shock, recoils his head into his neck. His eyebrows shoot up and his lips tighten into a line, surprised.No Way Seriously GIF by BounceOver It What GIF by Bouncerickroll GIFWildlife gif. A snow white owl turns around to face us, its beak open and its eyes wide in an almost human expression of shock.Sniffing Smells Like GIF by Klarnapregnancy feels GIFCelebrity gif. Helena Bonham Carter stares at us quizzically, mouth cracked open, blinking slowly.Disagree Season 3 GIF by The Lonely IslandMovie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.Are You Sure Schitts Creek GIF by CBC
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