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Steve Carell Ew GIF by Focus FeaturesSpongeBob gif. Patrick and SpongeBob stand side by side looking towards us. Their faces strain in unison, pulling back with disgust at what they are looking at. Long drawn-out text reads, "Ewww."TV gif. Jimmy Fallon as Sara on the Tonight Show wears a long blond wig and braces with a tube top. The character scrunches her nose in disgust and says, "Ew!"90 Day Fiance Ew GIF by TLC EuropeReality TV gif. Tami Roman on Basketball Wives distorts her face in disgust, then pretends to gag.TV gif. Paris Hilton looks lower left of frame and is clearly disgusted by what she sees.TV gif. Chelsea Peretti as Gina in Brooklyn Nine-Nine grimaces at someone in disgust..Schitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David frowns and recoils in disgust, sneering, "ew, please don't," which appears as text.TV gif. Lucille Ball sits in a crowd of people. She pulls her lips back and grimaces in disgust like she wants to look away, but can't. Video gif. A curly-haired little girl leans away from something she clearly thinks is gross.TV gif. Jake Johnson as Nick in New Girl gags as if grossed out. Movie gif. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean turns his head and gags exaggeratedly. He closes his eyes and holds his whole tongue out like he’s going to vomit.Movie gif. An older Clint Eastwood looks right of frame with disapproval. He lowers a white mug as he slowly turns away to the left.Tonight Show gif. Channing Tatum as Susie scrunches their face in disgust and says, "Ew."Sports gif. Russell Westbrook looks around with a very disapproving frown.Reality TV gif. Big Ang on Mob Wives sips from a glass and she purses her big red lips in disgust. She gags a little.Seinfeld gif. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine furrows her brow and clenches her teeth with a look of utter disgust.TV gif. Chris Pratt as Andy in Parks and Recreation glances away and cringes. A blurry spot appears over his mouth as he mouths, "Ew. What the bleep man?"Reality TV gif. Judge Judy, sitting at the bench, opens a laptop cautiously. Disgusted at what she sees, she slowly closes the laptop.Ew Pass GIFCelebrity gif. Wanda Sykes looks at us and contorts her face into a disapproving grimace, looking us up and down with disgust.TV gif. Rashida Jones reacts with disgust as if she's saying "blah."TV gif. Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins on Orphan Black leans towards someone and cringes in disgust as he says, “Ew!”Celebrity gif. Actor Kristen Bell dramatically gestures to the back of her throat and mimics gagging. Britney Spears No GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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