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Illustrated gif. An eye with no eyelashes blinks at us in the middle of the gif before falling down and out of screen.Nba Playoffs GIF by Milwaukee BucksMovie gif. A scene from Everything Everywhere All At Once. One of the rocks with big googly eyes turns to face us. Even though the rock cannot emote, it does look like it’s surprised and confused. TV gif. Close-up of the eyes of The Doll as her eyeballs twitch in all directions. Video gif. Black dog lies on the floor looking up over its shoulder with cartoonish wide eyes that move around as the camera zooms.Googly Eyes GIFEyes Dark GIF by markoJust For Laughs Reaction GIFEyes What GIF by Nat Geo Wildnervous season 1 GIF by National Geographic Channeleyes eyeballs GIFJimmy Fallon Reaction GIFGoogly Eyes GIFVideo gif. A close up on a woman’s light blue eye blinking open and then closed. shifty jimmy fallon GIFchristopher lloyd eyes GIFAnimated GIFEyes Reaction GIF by MOODMANWhite Sox Whatever GIF by MLBHow I Met Your Mother Fire GIFEvil Eye Eyes GIFMovie gif. Jeff Bridges as The Dude in The Big Lebowski blinks repeatedly and tilts his head with confusion.Looking Michael Pena GIF by Walt Disney StudiosSad Let Down GIF by Mauditblinking gwen stefani GIF
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