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TV gif. Jerry Springer as Judge Jerry sits behind a courtroom bench in judge's robes. He holds one finger in the air and shakes it as he says, "Facts." Text, Hashtag facts.TV gif. Max Greenfield as Dave from The Neighborhood turns affirmatively toward Cedric the Entertainer as Calvin who chops the air with one hands and says, "Facts!"Video gif. A woman looks at the camera with a confident smirk and moves up to reveal bold text over her head that says, “Fact.” The woman points up at it. Work Yes GIF by Offline Granny!Celebrity gif. Wearing a black LA Dodgers cap and a black Dolce & Gabbana sweatshirt, Ice T on The Tonight Show sits in a guest chair with his fingers linked across his lap. Casually, he says: Text, "That's a fact!"Not Lying For Real GIF by NETFLIXTruth Facts GIF by Retro Future E-GirlTV gif. Two men, one with sunglasses and another wearing a bucket hat sit on a couch together holding microphones to their faces. One of them looks over at the other one and then out at the audience, loudly saying, “Facts.” with a serious expression. TV gif, 80s gif. Looking especially 80s with his moustache and black-and-white sweater, Sinbad as Walter Oakes from A Different World plainly states that: Text, "Those are the facts."Players Association Sport GIF by NBPAMovie gif. Cyd Charisse as Ninotchka Yoschenko in the movie Silk Stockings leans back against a mantle and says "facts are facts."Music Video Sky GIF by Taylor SwiftVideo gif. 80s video of two teenagers sit side by side. A boy holds up a paper pamphlet in front of them as a girl runs a finger down its page. The title of the pamphlet clearly reads, "the facts."Video gif. A man walks toward a woman bringing groceries to her car and throws a pile of papers in her face, then dances. Text, “Facts.”Text gif. There are question marks in the middle of the gif and the text above it reads, "Nowhere to be found, no matter how hard you look: Cats are good at hiding. Maybe he's under your bed?" and the text below reads, ""Text gif. Tom Hiddleston as Loki looks mischievous. Text, "Useless fact #437. If you go to a Wendy's and say "I'm not from this area, I'm lost, and I don't have any money." They will give you free food according to Wendy's policy!"Disney gif. Simba and Nala look at each other both with open mouths and raising one eyebrow in confusion. Text, “You just realized…If you search for ‘241543903’ on google images you will see pictures of people putting their heads in refrigerators.”Wildlife gif. A fluffy sea otter lays on its back in a pool. It kicks its chubby foot. Text, “ Now you know, Sea otters have the densest fur of the animal kingdom with about 1,000,000 hairs per square inch,” Illustrated gif. Black text on a light blue background reads, "Did you know? U.S.A. is actually just 2.4 miles (3.8 km) away from Russia?" Sage green landmasses labeled "Russia" and "USA (Alaska)" appear on opposite sides along with two small islands in between, one with a Russian flag and the other with an American flag. A dotted lined spanning the space between is labeled, "Diomede Islands."Celebrity gif. Jackie Chan smashes a series of cement blocks with his fist. Text surrounding the video reads, "Now you know. Jackie Chan once broke 12 cement blocks with a fist holding an egg without damaging the egg."Video gif. Sun slowly sets. When it's right above the horizon, the top of the sun has a flash of lime green light on it. Text, “Now you know. The emerald flash is an extremely rare natural phenomenon. It is a flash of green just before the sunset.”Movie gif. Emma Stone as Olive in Easy A enthusiastically shakes her head as she speaks to someone. Text, "Oh yeah." Text outside of the movie clip reads, "Useless fact 404 Blueberries can help improve your memory."Political gif. Barack Obama speaks into a handheld microphone, finishing his thought with a smile as he advises us to: Text, "Get the transcript."Movie gif. Cartoon Rapunzel spins around excitedly. Text, "OMG!" On the pink background that frames Rapunzel text reads "Useless fact 366 Rapunzel's hair is 70 feet long!"Text gif. The Walt Disney logo appears. Text, “Useless fact #429. Disney World is larger than 17 other countries.”
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