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Movie gif. Baymax from Big Hero 6 looks down at his soft belly as he pokes it repeatedly with his finger.Video gif. A very fat cat sits lazily on a couch. It sits, slouching like a human, with one leg stretched out and a paw resting on its protruding fuzzy belly. The cat rests its head on its shoulder, and squints blearily, about to fall asleep.Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani wears a fat suit and smiles hungrily at the piece of chicken he lifts on a fork.TV gif. A higher weight woman dances next to Maury Povich on Maury. She has her hand to her head and one arm around Maury as she dances and he smiles.Celebrity gif. Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo blows a seductive kiss at the camera and smiles.Video gif. A very chubby kid with big, round cheeks holds too many different cookies in each head. He looks at one and then another with a confused expression on his face. Text, “When you're so hungry and you can't decide what to eat first,” with a laughing crying emoji.Video gif. A cartoonishly enormous fat cat stands up by its belly and wiggles around like it's dancing. The cat stares at us with a weirdly blank expression on his face. Video gif. An extremely overweight wiener dog plods outside from inside his house, stopping at the door jam to rest and pant, his tail wagging.TV gif. Cartoon Doug stands on a diving board as he takes off his shirt. His stomach balloons as he prepares for a dive. Movie gif. Dwayne Johnson as a younger version of his character Bob in the movie Central Intelligence, dancing like a diva in the shower.Digital art gif. A large bellied woman with a red polka dot shirt and pants that won't buckle struggles as her midriff shows.Cartoon gif. A chubby Trixie Tang from The Fairly Oddparents chews a bite of a giant cookie, and her belt breaks.The Simpsons gif. Wearing only denim cutoff shorts, a smiling Homer drives along the street on a green riding lawn mower. The movement causes the fat on his sides to ripple, and a sign at the front of the lawnmower reads, "Jigglin' for justice"Cartoon gif. Angelica on the Rugrats sits on a throne with a crown on her head. She’s fat with her feet up in the air, brown syrup splattered all over her body. She chews on something with drool coming out of her mouth, holding a goblet that says “Syrup."The Simpsons gif. Homer Simpson shovels donuts into his mouth with a blank stare while at work.The Simpsons gif. Marge stands next to Homer who's wearing a "Fat Pride" shirt and holding a flag that reads, "Girth." He places a hand on his belly as his stomach slowly grows and protrudes from the bottom of his shirt. He lowers the flag. Movie gif. Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump in The Nutty professor pours a whole jar of jelly beans into his mouth like he’s trying to drown himself in it. The jelly beans spill out of his mouth and roll down his chest and onto the ground.The Simpsons gif. A red-faced Millhouse sits in an exam room, holding his breath and sucking in his tummy. He can't help but breathe, allowing his belly to relax and pop out. A doctor measures him with calipers and slaps a "fat" sticker on his belly.Video gif. A fat orange cat starts to enter a house through a narrow pet door. Its midsection gets stuck, but after a few attempts, it manages to pull itself inside.Video gif. Against a twirling rainbow background, a fat yellow dog with tiny legs wiggles back and forth, wagging his tail and panting in happiness.Cartoon gif. A very oversized Sonic the Hedgehog kicks his legs with a horrified eyeless expression on his face.Family Guy gif. Peter Griffin looking ridiculous as a hula hoop sits tightly on his stomach, akin to a too-tight belt. The hula hoop remains unmoving as Peter shakes his hips. Peter says, "If I was fat, could I do this with a hula hoop?" while Brian stares unamused.The Simpsons gif. Homer stands in his underwear with his arms raised as a doctor watches his belly wiggle over his tighty whities. fat real housewives GIFVideo gif. A student in high school is standing in the hallway and he attempts to dance Psy's Gangnam Style dance. He looks jolly as he jumps up and down.
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