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I Kiss Your Feet
I need a favor
We Need You To Get Rid Of A Body

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Video gif. A cute grey tabby cat sits on her haunches with her paws together as if begging. Text, "Please."Lettering Dancing GIF by Denyse®Merry Christmas Lol GIF by LifetimeNicksplat Favor GIF by Hey ArnoldSeason 1 Episode 6 GIF by momPlease Help Me GIF by NBCLos Angeles Airport GIF by FOX TVBeauty Please GIF by Salon LineMovie gif. Agnes from Despicable Me sits in bed wearing teddy bear pajamas as she sweetly asks to be read a bedtime story. Text, "Pretty please?"Grand Hotel Favor GIF by ABC NetworkVideo gif. A corgi sits up on its butt and paws the air, looking up with big black, begging eyes.Cbs 90S Tv GIF by Paramount+Favor Please GIF by Paramount NetworkSeason 5 Help GIF by PowerCartoon gif. Lilo stands near Stitch, a big eared, wide-mouthed dog-like blue alien. In unison, they squint their eyes and raise clasped hands. Long drawn out letters read, "Please."World Cup Reaction GIF by ESPN MéxicoTV gif. James Franco as Daniel Desario in Freaks and Geeks leans up against the wall with his hands in a praying position. He bats his eyes as he says, “Pretty please.”Lupita Nyongo Please GIF by Ovation TVI Need It Want GIFHappy I Love You GIF by Looney TunesVideo gif. A small white dog with big ears makes literal puppy dog eyes at us, and seems to be pleading with us as it holds up its paws.Influencer Please GIF by Salon LineDisney gif. Young Simba and Nala from The Lion King give toothy, hopeful grins with a long drawn-out, "please???"Movie gif. John Howard Davis as Oliver Twist in Oliver Twist. The movie is in black and white and Oliver looks sad and gaunt as he holds up an empty bowl and says, "Please sir, may I have some more?"Movie gif. Simba from The Lion King stands in front of his father’s lifeless body. Simba sobs, tears streaming down his face with desperation as he yells, “help…somebody…anybody.” He looks over his shoulder at his father with guilt and worry of his father’s condition.
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