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Today, I'm Not Afraid to Love...
Fear Of Rats

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SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob shudders and blinks with wide eyes as he lays in bed with the covers pulled up under his nose.SNL gif. A frightened, wide-eyed Kenan Thompson is so still that you almost can't tell this is a gif.TV gif. Nathan Arenas as Jorge in Bunk'd. He's sitting in a chair and is looking at something that's spooking him. He recoils at the sight and puts his finger in his mouth, like children do when they're scared.  Movie gif. A bunch of minions from Minions: Rise of Gru are standing in a home and they simultaneously turn to look at one giant minion. The camera zooms in on the giant minion, who looks shocked and scared as they give us an awkward, apologetic grin. TV gif. Kermit the Frog from The Muppets chews on his frog fingers as if he has fingernails and trembles in fear. Fear Panic GIF by Diego FaraoMovie gif. Mary Hilligoss as Mary Henry in Carnival of Souls looks through the bars of a metal gate. She breathes heavily and her eyes are wide with terror, with one eye bigger than the other.fear GIFThe Phantom Menace Fear GIF by Star WarsEpisode 1 Fear GIF by New AmsterdamScared Not Afraid GIF by PEEKASSOScared Princess Leia GIF by Star WarsNervous Fear GIF by Adult SwimScared Season 2 GIF by PBSWhat Is Going On Season 6 GIF by IONShocked Season 9 GIF by One ChicagoScared Episode 4 GIF by DexterScared Oh No GIF by Sesame StreetScared Super Troopers GIF by Searchlight PicturesMichael J Fox Shock GIF by Back to the Future TrilogyFear Bladesmiths GIF by DefyTVFound Footage Video GIF by Eternal FamilyGIF by Paramount+Episode 6 Fear GIF by Eternal FamilyScared Falling Down GIF by Sam Jack Gilmore
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