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Come At Me Old Timey Baseball GIF by Team CocoSports gif. Triple H from WWE is bashing a man in the ring. Triple H punches the man endlessly, and the man's hands flop on the floor with each punch.Video gif. Two teenage girls fight, grabbing onto each other’s hair and shirts.Movie gif. In a scene from Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong punches Godzilla in the face as the two title heavyweights fight on top of a battleship.TV gif. In a dusty bar, our POV lets us experience what it's like to be punched by an angry Chuck Norris.Video gif. A man is being approached by a bunch of other men and he begins swinging wildly, hitting them all to the ground. His fight style is clumsy, but affective.SNL gif. Melissa McCarthy dressed as a repairwoman gets into a swatting fit with a Frida Kahlo impersonator in front of a large black-and-white painting of a cloudy sky.Video gif. Actress Shalita Grant bounces around with her arms making a wave motion forward, trying to instigate a fight. She has a hype expression on her face and the text below says, “Oh it’s on!”Movie gif. Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite slaps Aaron Ruell as Kip on the face and runs away.Best Friends Fighting GIFMovie gif. Daniel Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York stands menacingly in front of his top hat wearing street gang while they help remove his coat before battle. Reality TV gif. In a hallway, two women are fighting, and a third tries to pull one of them away while the other continues reaching and slapping, while the production crew peeks out from the corner..Disney gif. In the middle of hula practice, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch pounces on her nemesis Mertle Edmonds and punches her in the nose.Cartoon gif. Arthur grits his teeth and raises a fist, and the scene cuts to DW being knocked onto the pavement.Celebrity gif. Nicki Minaj glares menacingly ahead. She closes the fingers of her outstretched hand as if signaling, bring it on.Reality TV gif. On Basketball Wives, sitting on a couch, Tami reaches over Suzie to slap Mika on the face; the two fighting women get up to brawl and men get up trying to contain them.Cartoon gif. Black and white clip from Tom and Jerry in which Jerry wields a pipe toward Tom's knees while Tom comes down on Jerry with a skillet, and Spike swings at Tom with a baseball bat.fight GIF by CBSMario Bava Fighting GIF by Arrow VideoDigital art gif. Two computer generated hands that look like they are made out of blue and bronze medal are thumb wrestling with each other in a tiny wrestling ring. After a few seconds, the bronze thumb pins the blue thumb.Video gif. Two kangaroos fight in a field in slow motion. One kangaroo kicks the other with both their hind legs and then the other kangaroo does it back. They then crash into each other, pawing at each other’s faces, and pushing away. Video gif. A penguin in the Arctic trots toward the camera, arms spread wide in an assertive way. Text, "Come at me bro."Movie gif. Calvin Lockhart as Frankie in Melinda. He's staring at someone unblinkingly as he punches them, over and over again.Stop motion gif. The Ref from Celebrity Deathmatch pumps his fist exclaiming "Let's get it on!"Anime gif. Jigglypuff looks at us while thwacking Clefairy behind him.
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