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So This Is Mouthwash...
Guy Using Mixer Sends Glass into Perpetual Motion
Guy Using Mixer Sends Glass into Perpetual Motion
Casual Tarantula Fun

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Slow motion infomercial features a man in a pink collared shirt looking mesmerized as he uses a handheld Flowbee hair vacuum to cut and suck the hair of a woman with a sort of bowl cut hairstyle. The woman gives a sharp side eyed expression like she’s checking to see if anyone’s laughing at her. Haircut Infomercial GIFhaircut GIFHaircut Infomercial GIFHaircut Infomercial GIFart artists on tumblr GIF by The NGBwayne's world GIF by Hollywood SuiteAlex Gaskarth Deepfake GIF by Simple Creatures30 Rock Haircut GIFGIF by Julidaniel tosh relationships GIF by Comedy CentralVideo gif. Infomercial shows an old woman demonstrating an "as seen on TV" device that resembles a vacuum hose, on the white hair of an older woman who smiles placidly. Text reads, "You need this."grandma GIF
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