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How Peter and Lois Met | FAMILY GUY
Unsupervised | Season 33 Ep. 4 | THE SIMPSONS
Longer Wipes | FAMILY GUY
Moons Over My Hammy | FAMILY GUY

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Cartoon gif. Stewie from Family Guy sits in the corner of his crib and rocks back and forth. His eyes have dark circles and bags under them, and his hair is scraggly. He stares into space like he’s seen something awful.peter griffin fox GIF by Family GuyLaurieann Gibson Wow GIF by So You Think You Can DanceKen Jeong Yes GIF by The Masked SingerIts Raining GIF by Family GuyGordon Ramsay Fox GIF by MasterChef JuniorThe Simpsons Animation GIF by FOX TVGordon Ramsay Fox GIF by Hell's KitchenStewie Griffin Summer GIF by Family Guyla to vegas comedy GIF by Fox TVStewie Griffin Fox GIF by Family GuyLee Daniels GIF by Empire FOXGo Get Em GIF by The Resident on FOXVanessa Hudgens Bravo GIF by FOX TVBetray Homer Simpson GIF by FOX TVgordon ramsay facepalm GIF by MasterChef JuniorDax Shepard Fox GIF by SpinTheWheelExcited Tina Belcher GIF by Bob's BurgersPeter Griffin What GIF by Family GuyHigh Five Mayim Bialik GIF by CallMeKatFOXReality TV gif. Mary Murphy emphatically says "Boom!" while gesturing with both hands from her judge's seat on So You Think You Can Dance. Text, "Boom!"TV gif. Stewie Griffin in Family Guy stands near Brian the white dog and they jump in unison and give an excited high five.Reality TV gif. Martin Andrew as The Butler on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. He greets contestants as they walk in, holding an umbrella open and saying, "Welcome to the manor."X Files GIF by The X-FilesX Files GIF by The X-Files
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