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Sponsored gif. Digital illustration of a can of Starbucks Chocolate Cream Iced Coffee outlined in Starbucks white and green pops into frame against a wavy purple background. Moving text appears that says, "Happy Fri-yay," as a tiny green heart floats away. amy poehler weekend GIF by Disney PixarFriday Running GIF by GIPHY NewsExcited Its Friday GIF by Cool CatsTV gif. Don Knotts as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show turns around after facing a radio, and reveals his tired, almost corpse-like face and disheveled hair. He has his hands over his face then drags them down his face in agony. Digital art gif. A bald, naked, rainbow-colored person disco-dancing.Video gif. Neil Primrose of the band Travis leans on a windowsill and raises his glass to us. Text, "Happy Friday!"Illustrated gif. A frowning man in a suit and spectacles rips off his clothes to reveal a dancing orange creature in black leather shorts and knee-high boots. Text, "Friday."Celebrity gif. Neil Primrose of the band Travis smiles happily as he looks out a window. Text, "Finally Friday."Illustrated gif. Pink Dog face with no body, but human legs and arms wears sunglasses and looks at us a bit angrily. It bends its knees and flexes his arms up and down. Text, “TGIF.”Seinfeld gif. We see scenes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine labeled with days of the week. Monday, Elaine looks exasperated on the subway. Tuesday, Elaine pulls her face down in dread. Wednesday, Elaine stands in the rain and says, “dammit.” Thursday, Elaine wiggles her pencil, making it look like rubber. Friday, a celebrating Elaine dances awkwardly.Text gif. Teal text on a black background lists the days of the week with Friday in large, pulsing bubble letters.Celebrity gif. Wyndham Wallace nods his head rhythmically, rocking out backstage at a Travis concert. Text, “That Friday feeling.”Its Friday GIF by TravisFran Healy Friday GIF by TravisTV gif. A man in a dark suit, a yellow shirt, a face mask, and a fedora enters the Judge Jerry courtroom on roller skates. He does a casual 360 spin, then loses his balance a bit. He regains it, loses it, and regains it again. Text, "Skating into the weekend like."Digital art gif. Two mice and one pigeon jump back and forth from one foot to the next and they put their hands up in happiness. Text, "Happy Friday!"Video gif. In romantic, pink lighting, a super muscular shirtless man, wearing only a shirt collar and cuffs, slowly rises up and offers us a rose and a big smile. Text, "happy Friday."Cartoon gif. A fox with a pronounced butt dances against a solid cyan background. Text, "Thank god it's Friday!"Video gif. A tiny inflatable tube man sits on a table flailing around erratically. The camera pans over to a real man copying the tube man’s movements, flailing his arms and body around.Text gif. Different styles of hand drawn fonts flash on screen that spell out TGIF.Its Friday GIF by Studios 2016Cartoon gif. Jiminy Cricket in the original Disney Pinocchio movie kicks off his shoes and lays down in his matchbook bed. He yawns and pulls the matchbook cover like it’s a blanket.Text gif. Blue cursive text on a flashing background with drawings of cocktails, "Friday."TV gif. From Pretty Hard Cases, a man in a yellow tracksuit shrugs and says happily, “It’s Friday!”
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