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Buff Finger
What are you doing in my swamp?

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TV gif. Jennifer Palmieri in The Circus frowns as she brandishes a middle finger on each hand.Conor Mcgregor GIF by UFCTV gif. Jason Segel in The Discovery frowns with his eyes closed as he puts his hand to his eyes. It is a dreary day with little color behind him and a gray sky. Celebrity gif. Bryan Cranston smiles then turns away to say, "FUCK," while using his hands and gesturing at the air.Disney gif. Anger from Inside Out clenches his fists in rage before the top of his head explodes upward in a pyre of flames. Fear cowers behind him.TV gif. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean looks up, flares his nostrils, and contorts his facial expression into one of confused incredulity before throwing up his hand in disgust and vigorously nodding his head. Movie gif. From Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Robert Romanus as Mike and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Stacy are having sex on a couch, but all we see is Stacy's bare feet and Mike's legs and pink socks.Illustrated gif. A hand in the A-Okay symbol and the other hand pokes through the hole with the pointer finger. The finger goes limp and pulls out. Digital art gif. Neon-pink hot dog wiggles up and down out the edge of a bun as ketchup streams onto the bun from above.Illustrated gif. Pink and orange shiny peach wearing white thong underwear.Oscar GIF by systaimeFuck Off Greg Kinnear GIF by Shining ValeCelebrity gif. Brendon Urie takes off his hat in an exaggerated manner and pretends to pull out his hand holding up the middle finger from the hat. He looks up at us with a big sarcastic smile.TV gif. Skeletor grimaces, leans back and punches the air as he screams.Muppets gif. Fozzie Bear drops his head into his hand, covering his eyes and looking annoyed. Movie gif. Jim Carrey as Fletcher from Liar Liar lifts his head up while gripping his hair and gives a feral yell.What The Wtf GIF by MIA GLADSTONEFu Middle Finger GIFThe Simpsons gif. Homer holds a letter in front of his face, slowly lowering it to reveal angry eyes with shrinking pupils. He stands up from the couch and inhales. We cut away to the outside of a church, a flock of doves flying away, and a shot of a stunned gardener with the equally shocked Flanders family in the background, as text scrolls by. Text, A long, drawn-out "fudge".Sports gif. Wearing a blue and white baseball t-shirt, an angry Mark Cuban seems to be swearing out loud while watching a basketball game. Stop motion gif. Two birdhouses with googly eyes are gaping at a sausage that enters into a donut hole.Sports gif. A distressed wrestler on the ropes holds his head in his hands.TV gif. Donald Glover as Troy Barnes up into the air in pure rage, closely clenching his hands into tight fists.TV gif. Julia Louis Dreyfus as Selina on Veep angrily bangs her hands on the table in front of her and hurts herself in the process, looking regretful and saying "ow."Celebrity gif. Rapper BJ the Chicago Kid shakes his head and covers his face, awkwardly disapproving.
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