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I've Never Jumped
Little Buddy
Who Wasn't Obsessed With Garfield?

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Happy Garfield And Friends GIF by MauditCat Sun GIF by GarfieldFat Cat Pat GIFFood Eating GIFDigital art gif. A mirrored image of Garfield with his arms crossed, standing on either side of a photo of a slice of lasagna, against a rainbow cosmic background. Text, "Less Mondays, more lasagna."Cat Hunger GIF by Sony Pictures GermanyPizza Garfield GIF by KAT BALLStill Life Flowers GIF by jjjjjohn90S Swag GIFCat Lol GIF by GarfieldCartoon gif. Garfield walks towards and drops face first into a box lined with a blanket. His black striped tail points to the sky. Text, "Happy Monday!"Cartoon gif. Garfield the cat sits at the dinner table with half lidded eyes. He grabs a cup, opens his mouth wide, and dumps all the coffee from the cup inside to wake himself up. garfield GIFOn The Spot Gun GIF by Rooster TeethGarfield And Friends Thumbs Up GIFGarfield GIFChristmas Tree Shrug GIFGarfield GIFGarfield And Friends Cartoon GIFCat Eating GIFSpaghetti Garfield GIF by KAT BALLPizza Garfield GIFHungry Cat GIF by GarfieldGarfield GIF by Regaljon arbuckle garfield GIF
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