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Paola Bracho Gasp GIF by MOODMANShocked No Way GIF by ABC NetworkThe Office gif. Zoom in on Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez. He has a shocked, almost worried expression on his face. He covers his mouth with his face. Season 1 Wow GIF by Paramount+TV gif. Close up on Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Her mouth is wide open in shock and she blinks her eyes, unable to believe what she just saw. She turns and leaves, still completely stunned.Shocked Snl GIF by Saturday Night Livegasp GIFReality TV gif. In a clip from Love Connection (2017), a surprised, slack-jawed Andy Cohen looks around at the audience.Reality TV gif. Shayne Jansen on Love is Blind sits hunched over, looking over his shoulder and smiling for a moment before his jaw drops in shock. Oh No Shock GIF by The Maury ShowVideo gif. Wide-eyed, a shocked kitten brings its paw to its mouth as if to say, “uh oh.”Shocked 30 Rock GIFPhone Reaction GIFUs Open Sport GIF by Tennis Channel Shocked Jane The Virgin GIFlego batman gasp GIFshocked judy garland GIFExcited Yas GIFgasping mean girls GIFshocked the bachelor GIFshocked elizabeth taylor GIFKaren Gillan Omg GIF by FocusWorldParks And Recreation Gasp GIF by NBCThe Face Win GIF by Oxygen
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