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dance GIFSwedish Chef Cooking GIFWildlife gif. A gorilla in a zoo enclosure spins around on one back foot with his body tucked in like he’s a trained figure skater.Movie gif. Disco lights shine across onlooking Minions from Despicable Me as a serious Gru flaps his elbows for some unusual dance moves.Muppets gif. Kermit the Frog flails around erratically, shaking his head with a wide open mouth and his long frog arms slop around.elaine benes dancing GIF by HULUabsolutely fabulous GIFDance Dancing GIF by Women's HistoryHappy Modern Family GIFCartoon gif. From the dancing scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's two obscure side characters: a boy and a girl with some unusual dance moves.Like A Boss Dancing GIFHappy He Man GIFMusic video gif. From the video for U Can't Touch This, MC Hammer does the Hammer dance and crabwalks left while female dancers perform in a line in the background.Video gif. A young girl in a blue checkered dress dances fiercely in front of a row of trophies. Reality TV gif. Kailia Posey on Toddlers and Tiaras sits in a room full of sparkly, extravagant tiaras. She looks away from us with big eyes and a cheeky smile.Happy Hair GIFdance GIFdance dancing GIF by Miike SnowSinging In The Rain Dancing GIFVideo gif. A "wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man" does its thing in the middle of a convention.Julia Child Dance GIFSouth Park Dance GIFVideo gif. A light shines behind a figure with long blond hair on every inch of their body dances the samba, the long hair flowing dramatically with each movement.Soul Train Love GIFHappy Eddie Murphy GIF
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