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Randy Savage Yes GIF by WWEX Files Nod GIF by The X-FilesTriple H Yes GIF by WWEVideo gif. A man wearing glasses and a denim collared shirt purses his lips and nods his head decisively.Jennifer Lopez Yes GIF by The Academy Awardsiliza shlesinger no GIF by Ilizareggie watts yes GIF by The Late Late Show with James Cordenstar wars yes GIF by Saturday Night LiveCelebrity gif. Hannah Bronfman looks victorious as she makes a big fist pump and says "yes."Chelsea Peretti Yes GIF by Brooklyn Nine-NineSchitts Creek Yes GIF by CBCNodding Nod GIF by The Album LeafVideo gif. A LEGO character that looks like Tom Selleck bobs its head up and down. Maybe Magnum P.I. is listening to a bop?Taraji P Henson Yes GIF by SAG AwardsHappy Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen ColbertTwin Peaks Yes GIF by Twin Peaks on Showtimetaiwan originals GIF by Chinafox agree GIF by A Christmas Story Liveanna kendrick haters GIF by Pitch PerfectSeason 2 Yes GIF by Twin Peaks on ShowtimeYes Excited GIF by Jordyn Rollingdragons' den yes GIF by CBCTV gif. Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend does a two finger salute as she winks with a half smile.season 3 yes GIF by PortlandiaStephen Colbert Nod GIF by Showtime
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