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Celebrity gif. Jake Gyllenhaal listens to something and immediately shakes his head in disagreement. He continues to shake his head in disbelief and smirks, unrelenting in his rejection. Text, "Nah."No GIFNo GIFTV gif. Scooby Doo shakes his head with a confused expression, holding a finger up on his paw. The text says, “No!”Celebrity gif. Will Ferrell as James in Get Hard bounces in a vibrating chair as he tries to sip from a wine glass that spills down his front. Text, "Nnnnnooooo!"no GIFVideo gif. A little girl crying and banging on a window with both arms. Text, "no!!"No GIFCartoon gif. Daffy Duck holds up a hand and raises his chin as he walks away defiantly. Text, "No way!"No GIFno GIFNo GIFno GIFno GIFCelebrity gif. Oprah shaking her head no and looking concerned, covering her mouth. Text, "oh,"No GIFMovie gif. Clint Eastwood as Walt in Gran Torino looks around with a disturbed frown. Text, "Hell no."TV gif. Wood Harris as Avon in The Wire. He drives by in a huge SUV and stares us down as he wags a finger saying no and looks GIFNo GIFI Dont Think So No Way GIFNo Way GIF
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