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Go The Amazing Race GIF by CBSMovie gif. A man from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift stands and yells "go!" between two cars and signals them with thumbs pointed to begin the raceVideo gif. A child dressed like a cowboy does a flashy 360 spin and points finger guns to one side.Movie gif. An ape from Planet of the Apes opens its mouth and screams at us, "No!"Digital art gif. An old-timey car drives toward us, the word "Go" in giant red letters following the car as it drives closer.Video gif. A man in a suit says "go," and waves his arms with a flourish, on ViceLand. Reality TV gif. A man from the Real Housewives of Atlanta in an open collar shirt snaps his fingers 3 times while shouting, "Go! Go! Go!"SNL gif. Mikey Day sits at a conference sized table next to a pile of smashed energy drinks and a massive stack of money. He grabs the money and tosses it to others at the table. Text, "Here's money! Go!"Reality TV gif. RuPaul from RuPaul's Drag Race gives us an excited set of finger guns, "Text, Go!!"Cartoon gif. A squiggly line drawing animation of a traffic light turning red. We cut to a goblin-like man speeding up then angrily coming to a stop. The traffic light turns green, and the goblin smiles and speeds away.SNL gif. Dressed in futuristic clothes, Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang glare at us as Aidy yells, “Go back to Hell!”Go Season 3 GIF by PBSGo Season 3 GIF by PBSSports gif. A female United States Paralympics wheelchair basketball player pumps both fists and shouts "let's gooooo," with a long drawn-out go.Celebrity gif. Mike Dirnt from Green Day stares at us with a turtle-like smile, covering his teeth with his lips. He raises up a big thumbs up. Movie gif. Judy Greer as Karen Nelson in Halloween stands next to her husband at the front door. Shutting the door with a worried look on her face, she says, "You need to go, get out," which also appears as text.Go Season 3 GIF by Nanalan'Text gif. Shining, loopy script unfurls to read "let's roll" over a black background and swirling iridescent purple and green light. Rainbow lens flare shines off of the text.Go Season 3 GIF by Law & OrderMovie gif. Robert Cummings as Jeffrey in Moon Over Miami wears a white tux as he checks his watch, then points assertively as if to give a cue.Video gif. A man turns around to face us. He screams out and holds a white flag up. The crowd of people behind him charge forward.TV gif. Jason Beghe as Hank Voight from Chicago PD tilts his head towards his car.TV gif. Brittany Snow as Julia in Almost Family coves her face annoyed as she grimaces at a person in front of her. Text, "Okay, could you just get out of my kitchen and out of my face right now?"Movie gif. Kate Hudson as Jesse and Britt Robertson as Kristin in Mother's Day Movie. Kristin is pulling Jesse up from a chair and Jesse clearly doesn't want to go, which makes Kristin pull her hard.Movie gif. Shari Headley as Lisa in Coming to America purses her lips in frustration and points with her arm as her head flicks to the side.
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